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Hey Penguins! Here is the page where I put all of the Animations that I make. I would like to thank Jc4x4 for his help with teaching me how to make these in the first place. His site is Jc4x4.org. Enjoy the Animations! And just like the Funny Pics, you have to give me credit for these if you want to put one on your site. Just put under the Animation, “Made By Frazzie at Http://Pukalicous.Wordpress.com. Waddle On!  😉

You better say yes Lol!

It’s Club Penguin, California!

Hey! I made that for Mohd, not for you.

New Plan. Advertise on giant cookies!

I have my own beach! Lol.


The best airlines around!

I love that place! I think it is coming into the Plaza soon.

This is my assistant. He advertises for me!

The new Ipod Nano coming soon to a Club Penguin Server near you.

Even Albert Einstein has good taste in a good Club Penguin Cheat Site Lol.

I hope you liked them! 

PS- Make sure if you want one of these on your site, you put it is by Frazzie and a link to my site.  😉



1. billybob - November 27, 2007

good work! keep up good work

2. Jc4x4 - January 5, 2008


Hahaha! Thanks for putting my site on their!! O and to avoid the site that makes the pictures to be advertised on them, just take a screen shot of the picture without taking the Adress.. Of course thats just a tip..


3. Frazzie - January 6, 2008

Thanks Jc!

4. slimball2007 - March 1, 2008


Hello, If you want me to make a .tk for you then please add me to your blogroll. Then say I added you on my blog roll and comment it on my latest post, and say what your site name should be. Ex. Example.tk Please choose 2 URL’s in case the first one is taken. Then I will edit that comment and say, URL is done, or Both URLs are taken. If that happens comment on the latest post again and comment another URL that you want to be a .tk.
😀 See ya later!

5. tyuif - March 26, 2008


6. marinekallo - April 20, 2008
7. Tjg Cmi - May 27, 2008

haha.! keep up the good work.! 😀

8. 0nic1 - June 9, 2008

Umm those pics arent animations but theyre cool!

9. Gibboots4 - October 29, 2008

they are really funny keep it up! I like the airplane one! ha ha!!!!!!!!

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