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Sports Catalog, Pin and News! February 29, 2008

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Hey everyone! They new Sports Catalog came out today. It’s pretty cool. There are new Jerseys, some Igloo Stuff, and a New Background. Also, there is a new Pin. Here are some cool pics.

Sports Catalog February 2008!


Here are some cool Jerseys.


Here is how to get the Orange Football Helmet. Click the Tennis Racket like this.


There is a Fishing Rod for Ice Fishing.


Here is the New Background! It is a Soccer Field. 


Also, there are new Gym Mats. But theyve been out before.


Pin is a Submarine at the Cave.


Well that pretty much it! In other news, check out my other pages. Like FTV and Funny Pictures have some cool stuff. Also my Videos Page and King of Ring! Please comment! Well Waddle On Penguins.



Newspaper and Wanted Penguin February 28, 2008

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Hiya Penguins! The Newspaper came out today. It shows some Secrets and Cool Comics, but I wanted to show you this part that said The Migrator will be reconstructed. Go to the Beach to see. If you want to help find pieces for The Migrator, go to the Iceberg and play Aqua Grabber. And about Aqua Grabber, it has been updated. The game is now alot faster!


In other news, this penguin “Bigredone94” was hacked! So if you see him on, that is not the real Bigredone94. A kid in my school named Shane owns that penguin, and now the password is changed. So if you see that penguin, tell him to give Bigredone back!


Waddle On! And also, GO TO MY YOUTUBE AND SUBSCIBE TO ME! Click Here for Frazzie’s Youtube.


Beta Palooza! February 25, 2008

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Hey Penguins! This all happened in 1 day! I was on Server Frozen and I went to the Mountain to Sled Race. And there, I saw 2 Beta Testers! The one named “shyguy” added me, but “blah blah49” didn’t. Then I went to “shyguys” igloo, and what do you know? There is a third Beta! Pinkilicous. She added me too. Well keep reading, because theres a 4th Beta!

Here are their pictures.


And then I went to the Dock, and guess what? “fano” was there! Good ol’ fano Lol. Here is a nice letter he sent me before he had to go.


Well that’s it! Waddle On.

PS- Once again, Welcome To My Site. Pukalicous has quit, and so now this is officially “Frazzie’s Cheat Site.” Tell all of your friends! And so change that Blogroll from www.askfrazzie.com to pukalicous.wordpress.com.


Rockhopper’s Ship + Welcome February 25, 2008

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Hey everyone. It’s me, Frazzie! It is official, our good friend Pukalicous has sold me his Site. So welcome to my site! If you go to my old site, www.askfrazzie.com, you will see that info.

In Club Penguin News, some of the stuff from Rockhopper’s ship is recovered.



Teohkay! February 16, 2008

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Teohkay if you see this, give back Bigredone because my friends mad that you changed his password. Its not yours and when I gave it to you, I said you could have it for a couple of months. Give it back!


Frazzie’s got the site February 5, 2008

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Hiya Penguins! Its Frazzie from Club Penguin. As some of you may know, Pukalicous just so happens to go to my school! So at lunch-time today, he sold me his site for 10 bucks and some fried chicken. Well anyway, Im just letting you know, and here are some links:

Frazzie’s Old Club Penguin Site- www.askfrazzie.com

Frazzie Planet Cazmo Site- planetcazmofrazzie.wordpress.com

Frazzie’s Youtube- www.youtube.com/user/clubpenguinfreak192

Well, there you go. Ill tell you if Pukalicous is thinking about maybe coming back to Club Penguin, but until then, Waddle On! So welcome to my site!