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My Final Words June 7, 2008

Posted by Frazzie in Club Penguin, Frazzie, Quit.
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Hey all you Penguins out there, old and new. I have been playing Club Penguin since December 29, 2006. I have been doing the whole Famous Thing since March 2007, which is when I started my first site with the help of Paintboy100. In June 2007, Pukalicous and I made this site, but it was mainly his. In October 2007, Puka went on less and less until I owned this site completely. In late 2007, all the other 2007 legends began to quit too. I was gonna quit too, but I decided not too. By Febuary 2008, almost all of them were gone. Only about 3 or 4 were left. Mohd 222 was one of these, but he got banned forever in April 2008. And then, by late May 2008, I was pretty much one of the only one left that was doing the whole Famous thing in all of 2007. Ah the good old days. The days before Disney bought Club Penguin, back in the good old Parties of my day, it was great. But now, even though it is late, my time has finally come. I quit. Goodbye to all my fans and friends, old and new. I will always remember you, but I have so many other things to do in life, and I can’t do them when I’m posting and making Videos all the time.Β And like I said, I shouldve quit back when the other 2007 legends quit. That is how I want to be remembered, as a 2007 legend.

Here is a Video I made about all this, you can double click it to rate and comment!

I will give you some Pictures of my Player Card so you can save them to remember me. You can put them in Videos, on your site, or wherever you want. To save them to your computer, just right click on a Picture, and click Save Picture As.

Here is a Picture of my Player Card.

Here is another Picture of my Player Card.

Here is another Picture of my Player Card.

Here is another Picture of my Player Card.

Here is another Picture of my Player Card.

And here is another Picture of my Player Card.

I will truly miss everyone, friends and fans, who have made my Club Penguin life so awesome. All the way from my first fans back in March to April 2007 on my first site, from June 2007 starting on this site, all ofΒ August, September, October, the good old days. Maybe someday, I will go on Club Penguin again just to see everyone. But my time has come. Also, you all don’t need to remove me off your Buddy List, for some reasons. I might go back on Club Penguin every couple months to see what’s going on. And also, it is pretty cool to have one of the last 2007 legends on your list. But anyway, you all are my buddies, and you always will be.

For the very last time, Waddle On! And you all really rock.




1. luvineopets - June 7, 2008

Don’t quit.

We 2007 bloggers need to stay together; I admit, I was thinking about quiting too. I practically did – but then I came back! Although I had some rough patches, I always came back.,, and when I finally did in early ’08 I was surprised to see all the new bloggers – none I knew of from 2007! But see, that’s what makes us keep on going – we were the original ones. That, and our fans.

Just think about it…and remember all the parties, the laughs, the time spent to perfect your blog, and still see if you want to quit.

Just think about it.

2. 50cent254cp - June 7, 2008

Please visit http://snash1338.wordpress.com if you want to join a club penguin sports team. Or you can enter my igloo contest at http://50cent254cp.wordpress.com

3. Sora345111cp - June 8, 2008


Why Did You Quit? I dont understand!


4. apengbomber - June 8, 2008

frazzie can i hav ur penguin to keep u in memory if u still like want him its alrite with me but if u decide to give him to me i will not ban him.jus email me

5. straw000 - June 8, 2008

Hey! Awesome blog : D Can you add me to your blogroll? If you comment on my site, I will add you. THX!


6. straw000 - June 8, 2008

Too bad I cannot stop you from qutting 😦 But don’t forget some legends still live on like Mimo777 and Fever(Watex) and Wwe Adam and some other rising legend. They are still going strong… And I might be one too, if I try hard enough πŸ™‚ But every era might has it legend, so you had been a legend and will always be one πŸ˜€


7. cheerybloss1 - June 8, 2008

i’m sad that ur going frazzie, I haven’t seen you on Club Penguin but youve commented on my site and stuff. I hope that you do become my buddy. I will always think of you as a nice helpful penguin! Thank you frazzie!!!

8. ~TYCOON RULES~ - June 8, 2008

you now what i quit snice you quit frazzie. you were my best bud. i will miss you so munch!

9. ~TYCOON RULES~ - June 8, 2008


10. razo194 - June 8, 2008

No Frazzie πŸ˜₯ all my friends are quiting i will really miss you 😦 buhbye frazzzzz. πŸ˜₯

11. ~TYCOON RULES~ - June 8, 2008

hi frazzie i will miss you! you were my best bud! 😦

12. crazykiddo96 - June 8, 2008

Check out my site please and comment!

13. crazykiddo96 - June 8, 2008

Dude, you are SO famous i have heard of you for so long. I will miss you!

14. spq96 - June 8, 2008

Bye Frazzie. I’ll miss you. See you around on cp I guess. Everyone is just quitting. It’s kinda sad. bye dude.
~Spq96 (which is now sad)

15. Frazzie - June 8, 2008

I will miss you guys too, but you guys Ive got so much going on in my real life, its hard to keep up with club penguin! Besides like I said, I wanna be remembered as a 2007 peng. πŸ˜‰ you all rock

16. cheerybloss1 - June 9, 2008

bye frazzie! u rule! 😦

17. cpmac - June 9, 2008

i quit and im not gving any betas to any one.
for prove go to:
good bye for the last

18. apengbomber - June 10, 2008

frazzie u rokk so hard bye dude
homies till da end

19. Quick - June 10, 2008

WAAAAAAAAAAAA dont quit cmon 😦 o and its quickeagle here i kno uve been playign for so long but i was a beta and got banend and i still play cp ….. go on aim i neeed to tal kto u 😦 i will miss u… bro
bye :(:(:(:(:(:(:(
~sad eagle~ 😦 😦 😦

20. mohd222 (off) - June 10, 2008


21. Dan1034 - June 11, 2008

I’ll Miss You A Lot. I’m Going To Quit 2.

22. lilkooka - June 11, 2008

Me and Seetster hate to see you go but your time has come i will miss you best bud cya!

Yours, Lil Kooka

23. thornkajom - June 11, 2008

bye and can i have your cp account since you qit i will not ban and if you can then comment the name and pass on my website im famous its http://www.screamsaver.wordpress.com

24. ~TYCOON RULES~ - June 12, 2008

how you put picture on side?

Frazzie’s Comment – You have to log into WordPress.

25. blackmist100 - June 12, 2008

NOOO frazzie! u were like my coolest friend ever. plz don’t quit. u r also a great blogger. can u not quit but just play club penguin not as much.

well u were a great friend. but u should make ur life blog like coolpengu of coolpengu.wordpress.com did. he made a new wordpress and it doesn’t even talk about club pengun

26. regirgitate - June 12, 2008

U cant quit ur an awesome friend. Ur the most succesful penguin ever to be on club penguin. Please dont quit i beleve in u πŸ˜‰
ur always being nice to others and u hav the best site ever! Please dont quit if u do i might 😦 Your Buddy, Regirgitate πŸ˜‰

27. Detroit87 - June 12, 2008


Frazzie’s Comment – Detroit, I actually agree with you. Except for one thing, the 2007 Famous Penguins werent like the ones of today. They were calm, and nice, and only made sites to give people Cheats, not to be famous. That is what I did back in early 2007. And the same reason you are talking about is why I quit. People like Chewy Pup are posers and ruin Club Penguin.

28. CapnCrunch305 - June 12, 2008

detroit i agree, but dude there were actually some good famous penguins out there that were in 2006-2007. like frazzie, and he quit for the same reason that you are talking about

29. jacob - June 12, 2008

we will always remember you. you are the last 2007 legend to go, so this is it! long live the last king. πŸ˜‰

30. luigi54 - June 12, 2008

I dont know if ill change your mind but ill tell you this….
You were a legend and all the other legends quit. This is all the more reason for you NOT to quit you are one of the last legends so please PLEASE dont quit and let us down. Other people tried to get famous and used me like Toronto, you’re not like that so PLEASE dont quit, you helped make Club Penguin fun….


31. Mew850 - June 13, 2008

I’m a 2006 guy, and now its 2008. I’ve been blogging up my way and now I’m about 50% famous. My blog is third on google, but first page. under mimo.

I get 2000 hits a day, and its really fun. I think you should continue blogging, but if you can’t thats fine with me, its life.

32. Darkblue52 - June 13, 2008

Dude, frazzie I’m not tryin’ not to make you form stop quitin’ but cmon I haven’t even met you on CP let alone not even seen you {besides your site picz}. Don’t quit come on like…once or even twice a month. By your blog roll I have known you more of a penguin and now want to meet you, just think about a goin’ away party at your iggy…
Think about,

Darkblue52(rock on! πŸ™‚ )
The email address is fake…

33. BlUeSoUl - June 13, 2008

πŸ˜₯ Bye Frazzie!
I will remeber you as a 2007 famous peng.
Since The Day We Met in August until now, I thought your a cool penguin unlike some others!
Cya Frazzie!

34. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) - June 13, 2008

im sad your leaving everyone says im doing it to e famous i dont care about being famous i love blogging in fact when i quit club penguin im still going to be blogging you were a legend you will never be forgotten…

35. Doughnut861 - June 13, 2008

Sh**. Another one bites the dust. Journey on! Happy trails! May the legend continue!

36. cpmac - June 14, 2008

homie1124 is being given away!
check it out and try to win my beta!
and many more betas!
hope u win!

37. bigpopa7929 - June 14, 2008

dude cp mac shut the fuck up! nobody cares about the stupid betas you are giving away.

38. cat03 - June 14, 2008

Go to http://www.clubpenguinfourms.wordpress.com to become a part of Cat03’s Productions! Just follow the rules and comment!


39. clank35 - June 14, 2008

Please visit my friends site! http://wars4.wordpress.com/

40. Tyler - June 15, 2008

I agree with you. Club Penguin is no fun anymore.
Back in October, all of this CP blogging and cheats, pictures and stuff like that turned me away from CP and now I almost never play. I found a program to edit pictures with because of CP, and I love it, but I remember back in March of ’07 when I joined and everything was fun, and no one wouldn’t say no to buddy requests because the person wasn’t rare enough. I only get on CP for the new items and stuff, but day after day, I play less and less.
If you click my name, it doesn’t take you too a CP site like it used too, but now it takes you to a site where I show my edits and graphics.
I told my friend I might quit soon, but I doubt it. Then he said, “You will quit soon. I know it. :'(” Now I think he is right.

There are many so-called famous penguins like; Mike 92, Wwe Adam, Mohd222, Chewy Pup, Toronto, Mimo777 and many more, but I don’t see what the point is to become “famous” on an online game that might not exist in a year or two. I mean, it’s a game on a computer where you waddle around as a penguin, and all people care about is being rare or famous.

You removed me off your buddy list, but I will remember you.

Your friend,

41. ~TYCOON RULES~ - June 15, 2008

hey frazzie! im sorry but now i quit. well cya on sometime if u can! good bye cp world! your pal, tycoon rules,

42. cheerybloss1 - June 17, 2008

omg tylers comment is really powerful. 😦 U cant go frazzie!! plz dont

43. Sheevmister - June 17, 2008

Don’t quit but Frazzie. -Scareynewt42

44. redbatguin - June 19, 2008

Guys, don’t talk him out of it. He has made up his mind. It is another thing in life that’s sad and we all have to live through it. I know it’s hard on every one even me but we all have to just remember the good times. I was never on his blog roll, buddy list, or made it to any of his partys but he still was like a brother to all. The video was very touching to some that have never even been on this blog. I am getting rid of my CP blog and making one about myself. So, as we all leave, going to our daily lives, meeting the legends who haven’t died, we will remember Frazzie as one of the greatest penguins who ever lived.
good bye frazzie. We will all miss you deeply.

You freind,

45. clubpenguinaustin933 - June 20, 2008

Heya! I am having a comment contest at my site, if you win there are five incredible choices of your pick! It ends in five days, so tell your friends, than start commenting!!! Cya!


46. luigi54 - June 21, 2008

your a great blogger, im gonna miss ya,

Waddle Off,

47. 123pgmovie - June 21, 2008

Frazzie, you CANT quit! You’re the best of them all! On my site, ive been talking about you. I wanted EVERYONE to know about you because you are the best! Nobody is better! You cant! If you quit, i guess ill have to too.

48. jea1023 - June 24, 2008

Hey Frazzie. I know it must be hard quitting CP. Leaving your fans, friends, your memories and your very own penguin. I’ve known you for a while and I can say that your totally awesome. Your fans might be be taking this a little rough but… gotta move on. I swear that we will always remember you. Hope you have a good life, keep following your thoughts and hope to here from you again. πŸ˜‰
Hehe, the comment above was my YouTube video comment that I posted the day after Frazzie uploaded the “My Final Words” video.

Anyway, everyone who knows you is really upset about you qutting… I too am upset. Atleast I know that you go on YouTube sometimes from the “Last Sign In” text on your channel. Thanks for letting me have a chance of being famous when you said: I’m leaving for a new 2008 Famous Penguin Era. See Ya!


49. luigi54 - June 26, 2008

im miss you please please please dont quit you were one of my best friends in CP

50. dragonslyre - June 28, 2008

cya frazzie i will allways remember you


51. Kippy - June 29, 2008

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I am Hosting A Fantastic Contest!

If you get up to 700 comments you win 7 great prizes.

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52. Paungiun - June 30, 2008


53. Cesarin96 and Happy Cesar - July 8, 2008

im one of few 2007 legends still kinda around…
i was about to quit

-Cesarin96 aka Happycesar-
Be Happy πŸ˜€
Visit http://www.penguinfamily.piczo.com
http://www.happycesar.co.nr today!!! πŸ˜‰

54. Cesarin96 and Happy Cesar - July 8, 2008

ill always keep you on my buddy list frazzie 😦

-Cesarin96 and Happycesar-
Be Happy πŸ˜€
Visit http://www.penguinfamily.piczo.com
http://www.happycesar.co.nr today!!! πŸ˜‰

55. papercuter - July 9, 2008

please dont quit 😦 :(..i was just going 2 tell u something..but it doesnt matter anymore..

i was going to tell u that im bak to cp..cya round πŸ˜€

oh well we will miss u..



56. ~Bbfreeze~ - July 10, 2008

😦 you were such a famous penguin. i was around way back when the other legends of early 2007… like you. you were such a great penguin and roll model

57. Dark Crow200 - July 11, 2008

Hey, Im having a comment contest, if you win you will recieve Powerdirector7’s code just comment the most here’s a link: http://djpenguins.wordpress.com/2008/07/11/comment-contest-3/

58. hockeybobo99 - July 17, 2008

C ya Frazzie

59. Jc4x4 - July 25, 2008


I’ve known you for a long time. Im gonna miss you!


60. marinekallo - August 3, 2008

Bye, We Will All Miss You And Remember You As The Last 2007 Legend!

61. chinsetakout - August 16, 2008

omg i remember you! you were in that nachoes army thing with oagalthorp back in the good old 2007 days! well i guess the last veteran of war (by that i mean member of nachoes cp army) has quit. you really were famous frazzie, along with all the others. byee byee! toodles

62. Sarahxoxo - August 19, 2008

In meory of Frazzie onky for me I want your account plz?
if not im ok im a meber too

63. Rocktroper a.k.a Jawaid - August 28, 2008

Bye Frazzie!
I Wish You The Best For The Future!

Bye M8! 😦

Rocktroper a.k.a Jawaid

64. Alex200710 - September 19, 2008


65. Ceptor99 - September 22, 2008

Cool site! Check out mine http://ceptor99.wordpress.com. Nice post by the way!

66. ~CpDjz-Razzle82~ - October 2, 2008

Hey Frazzie,
It’s me Razzle82. Long time no see =]

67. Ryan Ghoststalker - October 9, 2008

Cries bye Frazzie cries

68. ojoc - October 18, 2008

Hey I made a cool music widget on my site
plz put it on your sidebar


69. legomaniac96 - October 28, 2008

Lol, so dramatic.

why, you want to copy everyone by quitting the same they do?

70. MARMURPHROX - December 14, 2008

You should of totally stayed on if you love clubpenguin and love all of us! Your sad about leaving so why did you leave ? Would’nt you rather be happy????

71. gearstvcp - December 24, 2008

Club Penguin Disney is bad…. the original CP was the best…

All the good things in CP where the past.

BTW you know Painboy100 and suposse!!!


~Gears Tv

72. dragonslyre - February 2, 2009
73. adzaz - April 18, 2009

Frazzie plz dont go………
im trying to be a 2009 legend but i dont know how to!!!1
πŸ˜₯ well your time has come.

Just to tell u, I have been playing CP since November 2005

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