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April Fools Party March 29, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Frazzie here. The April Fools Party 2008 is here! And that is not a fool Lol. I have to admit, this is probably one of the Best Parties on Club Penguin that I have seen since the Summer Party of June 2007. That Party had over 5 Free Items and every single room was decorated. Well anyways, this Party is really fun and funny. Especially the Dock! You go really fast there, and you bounce off of other penguins. Well enjoy the Party! 😀

Here is a quick pic of the Coffee Shop. All of the rooms are really cool with the “drawings” that they are.


This Free Item was the item in April Fools Day 2006. I can’t believe they actually brought this back Lol. Everybody was saying that there was going to be a Green Hat instead. Well atleast they didn’t bring back the Blue Hat. That is one of my Top 10 Oldest Items. Anyways this is at the Ski Village!


Here is the other Free Item! It is new to Club Penguin. Go to the Cove to get it.


To get the Secret Pin, you have to Connect The Dots. First you go to the Mine Shack, located on your Map. When you get there, you have to connect 50 dots to make the Mine Shack. You might not really understand me, but if you go to the Mine then you will understand. Well anyways when you are done connecting, the Crayon Pin shows up on the Water Chute on the Mine Shack. Here is what it will look like.


This is a great party, and I hope you guys have a great time too. 😉


And also in other news, I have had many requests for my Blogroll. Make sure you read The Blogroll Rules, which are in my widgets.

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Waddle On!  😉


New Episode Of FTV March 26, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Frazzie here. I made a New FTV Video. Here it is below. And also, please double click on it to rate, comment, and subscribe to the Video. Enjoy!

Club Penguin FTV: Episode 6 

PS- Please Click Here for my Youtube Account to see my other Videos! For more FTV, you can go to my FTV Page, which has every Episode. Waddle On!

New Penguin Poll, Cool Funny Pic March 25, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Today Club Penguin made a New Penguin Poll. Check it out at ClubPenguin.com. 😉


Here is what The Poll says. 😉


And hey everyone, check this out! It is not an edit. As you can see, it is The 2005 Party Hat(Beta), The 2006 Party Hat, and The 2007 Party Hat are sitting in a row. Starring me, pinkilicous, and Blubba Dubby, although you can’t see Blubba Dubbys name. I hope you like it. 😉


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Waddle On! 😉

Easter Party March 21, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Today, the Easter Party started. There are no decorations, just like last year, but it is still fun to find the Eggs. Like last year, there are 8 Eggs to find. Once you find all eight, you claim your prize! It is the Green Bunny Ears. Last year there were Blue Ears, and in 2006 there were Pink Ears. Well anyway, Happy Easter! And Good Luck finding those Eggs. 

This Egg is at the Gift Shop. Look in the Upper Right Corner and it should be in the Poster. 😀


This Egg is at the Dock on this Post shown in the pic below. 😀


This Egg is by far, the hardest one to get. The Ninja Egg is what I call it. So I will tell you how to get it by steps. First, you go to the Dojo on the map. Next, you look carefully at the wall. The Ninja Egg should fade in and fade out in lots of places on the wall. You have to be very quick to click it! 😀


Go to the Pet Shop, and look in the Upper Right Hand Corner. There is a Puffle in a cage, and you click it to get the Egg. 😀


This is one of the hardest Eggs to see. It is on the Light next to the Mask at the Stage. 😀


Here is the Green Egg, it is at the Book Room. Simple enough, right? 😀


This is one of the easiest Eggs to find. The hint says “I am near a Rocking Horse,” and anyone would know that there is one at the Ski Lodge Attic. So just roll your mouse over the Box here, and it should pop up. 😀


This Egg is hard to spot at first. But it is in the Mine! Click on the Light shown below to get it. 😀


Once you have collected all 8 Eggs, this is what your Egg Map should look like. 😀


Here is the Prize! I’m glad they didn’t bring back the Blue ones. Well here are the Green Bunny Ears. 😀


I hoped this helped you. Good Luck finding them, and Happy Easter. 

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Happy Easter!  😆

News and Mystery Starfish March 20, 2008

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Hey Penguins! I’m sorry that I haven’t been on Club Penguin for a bit, I haven’t really been able to get on. To tell you the truth, I was thinking about quiting! Luckily I did not. Well the Newspaper came out today, and it has lots of cool stuff to read about. Like for example, the pic below is for the upcoming Aprils Fools Party 2008. The 2007 Party was awesome! I hope this next one will be cool. Another Party coming up soon is the Easter Party. Last year’s was fun, too.  😀

Change The Rules? I can’t wait!


Here is the Upcoming Events for March 20th, 2008. I hope they don’t bring back the Blue Bunny Ears from 2007. (One of my oldest items).


Now here is a Mystery. The Starfish Pin? That was out a year ago! Read this for more.

What the heck? I know this Pin was out about a year ago. It is also in the same spot where it was last year. (Or atleast that’s what I remember from last year Lol).


Wierd Huh. But I’m not surprised, because this Pin has been out before, in May 2007.


In other news, the migrator is going great! Go to the Beach to check that out. Also, check out My Youtube. It  has over 30 awesome videos for you to enjoy.

Another quick thing that I had to say, is for MC Productions. I think they deserve a pat on the back. They have worked very hard (Mohd222 Supposed and Toronto), and are some of my best buds on Club Penguin. Make sure you check their sites, on my Blogroll.

Waddle On!


St. Patricks Day Party March 18, 2008

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Happy St. Patricks Day! Sorry everone this is very late. But the party is sort’ve like the one from 2007, but some stuff are different. Well there are lots of decorated rooms and stuff to see! Here is a pic.


Here is the Free Item! It is a Big St. Patricks Day Hat. Thank goodness they didn’t bring the Shamrock Hat back! Oh and this is at the Ski Village.


Here is the new pin! It is a Book at the Boiler Room. I guess it is to announce the new game.


Also, in other news, they brought back the Space Adventure show at the Stage. So if you weren’t able to get the items there the first time, then head to the Stage to get them now.

And so please check my videos and other pages!


New Game in the Bookroom! March 10, 2008

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Hiya Penguins! There are two new games. They are both in the Book Room. What you do, is write your own story by filling in the letter or words in each sentence. It is sort’ve like a typing game. Well enjoy the game! Here is a picture.


In other news, check out all of my pages. I updated a few of them, so go and see!


March 2008 Catalogs March 8, 2008

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Hey penguins! Today the Clothing Catalogs came out for March. And also, I am turning 400 Days Old on Club Penguin in a few days.

Here it is everyone! The Clothing Catalog March 2008.


Here is the Lucky Suit. Thats what I call it for short.


Here is something that would fit Mohd. Lol Im just kidding Mohd! And hey speaking of him, he is officially in my Top 3 Best Friends on Club Penguin. Thanks Mohd for being such a great friend.  But here are the Bunny Ears and Costume.


Here are some more stuff. They brought back the Fedora Hat.


Here are some Awesome Clothings. I really like the Blue Sunglasses. But they are old from 2006.


NO! They brought back one of my Oldest Backgrounds! The Bricks Background. Well here they are.


Also, here is the Big Wigs Catalog. It has 2 New Wigs for your penguin.


Also, here is the Migrator! It is being rebuilt at the Beach.


Well thats it! And again, please check out my pages. They are all pretty cool! And Ive been asked alot when I started Club Penguin. So I will answer. I started Club Penguin on December 29, 2006.  😆

Newspaper and Cool Penguin March 7, 2008

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Here is the Newspaper for March 6th. It has some cool tips about Ice Fishing in it this week. Well make sure you check that out. Here are the Events!


I don’t really watch Disney, but you won’t believe this! 365mikey plays in the famous Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana.” He was on a commercial a few months ago about Club Penguin, and he showed his penguin. He didn’t add me, but he said he will later when he has room. Well anyway I thought you might wanna know about this, because it was cool!


Well that’s it, except check out my other pages. Make sure to cast your vote for this weeks King Of The Ring. Also I updated my Funny Pix page, and my Videos Page will be updated to. Here is my Youtube. Frazzies Youtube.

Waddle On!