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Newspaper May 29, 2008

Posted by Frazzie in Club Penguin, Frazzie, New.
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Hey Penguins! Well here are the New Stuff in the Newspaper that came out today.


The Newspaper came out today!

First off, the Book Contest is over. The Winners are Lolliepops10, Sammysays, and Chochypop! Good job to those three who won.

Also, the Igloo Contest is over!

Congratulations everyone who one! Especially Cycle22, cause he’s one of my best buds.

And here are the Events! Not much, but I’m looking forward to the Catalog coming up soon.

In Other News

I have decided to close down my King Of The Ring page. Thanks to everyone who voted in all the polls! It was really fun doing it.

Waddle On! You all rock.



1. CapnCrunch305 - May 30, 2008

Heyy Frazzie can u add me on club penguin??????? plzzz ive been your fan since like june 2007!!!!!!!!

2. Blitz7 - May 30, 2008

Hey awesome post! Your site rocks! Please add me to your blogroll! Comment back at http://www.xblitz7.wordpress.com


3. ___*bm!$+*___ aka blackmist100 - May 30, 2008

sup frazzie. it’s cool that ur supposed’s friend

4. cpmac - May 30, 2008

sweet dude!
great post dude!
keep it up too!

( http://cpmac.wordpress.com )

5. BlUeSoUl - May 31, 2008

Hi Frazzie!
Just wondering something,
you know your old site?
how did you create the site?

6. mattrocks345 aka littleguy75 - May 31, 2008

can i ask what u used to make ur header? pls comment back wit an answer.

7. Frazzie - June 1, 2008

Hey Mattrocks, I didnt make my header. Keithyy made it for me at http://keithyy.wordpress.com.

Waddle On!

8. jea1023 - June 24, 2008

Hey Frazzie! Lol… kinda late to comment. Cycle22 is my buddy too.
But sorry that you left CP. We’ll all miss you.


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