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Newspaper June 5, 2008

Posted by Frazzie in Club Penguin, June, New.
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Hey all you Crazy Surfer Penguins out there, Summer is on the way for Club Penguin!


Hey Penguins! Here is the Newspaper for June 5, 2007.

For the Biggest Event, is What’s New for this Summer! Last June and July was a blast, with lots of parties and Items. Infact, last June, the Summer Party had 6 Free Items! It was awesome. Well anyway, I hope that this Summer will rock too!

Lol! Club Penguin really is bringing back Old Stuff huh. Look at this! They are bringing back an Event that happened a year ago, not a Party, but an Event! Well anyway, for all you Newer Penguins out there, I hope you enjoy it.

Coming soon to the stage, the Time Travel play. Sounds cool, but you’ll have to check it out at the Stage on June 13th!

Here are the Events! I can’t wait for the Water Party. I hope they don’t bring back too many Items from last year though!

In Other News

Click Here for my Youtube to see some awesome videos!

Waddle On! You all rock.



1. horsebuzz117 - June 5, 2008

I cant wait for the parties!!!

2. Purpalooloo - June 6, 2008

Sweet post!
Come and check out my site sometimes and comment if you’d like.



3. bigpopa7929 - June 12, 2008

hey im a really big fan! ive been yur fan 4 over a year 🙂

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