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Newspaper June 5, 2008

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Hey all you Crazy Surfer Penguins out there, Summer is on the way for Club Penguin!


Hey Penguins! Here is the Newspaper for June 5, 2007.

For the Biggest Event, is What’s New for this Summer! Last June and July was a blast, with lots of parties and Items. Infact, last June, the Summer Party had 6 Free Items! It was awesome. Well anyway, I hope that this Summer will rock too!

Lol! Club Penguin really is bringing back Old Stuff huh. Look at this! They are bringing back an Event that happened a year ago, not a Party, but an Event! Well anyway, for all you Newer Penguins out there, I hope you enjoy it.

Coming soon to the stage, the Time Travel play. Sounds cool, but you’ll have to check it out at the Stage on June 13th!

Here are the Events! I can’t wait for the Water Party. I hope they don’t bring back too many Items from last year though!

In Other News

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Waddle On! You all rock.


Newspaper May 29, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Well here are the New Stuff in the Newspaper that came out today.


The Newspaper came out today!

First off, the Book Contest is over. The Winners are Lolliepops10, Sammysays, and Chochypop! Good job to those three who won.

Also, the Igloo Contest is over!

Congratulations everyone who one! Especially Cycle22, cause he’s one of my best buds.

And here are the Events! Not much, but I’m looking forward to the Catalog coming up soon.

In Other News

I have decided to close down my King Of The Ring page. Thanks to everyone who voted in all the polls! It was really fun doing it.

Waddle On! You all rock.

Newspaper and Wanted Penguin February 28, 2008

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Hiya Penguins! The Newspaper came out today. It shows some Secrets and Cool Comics, but I wanted to show you this part that said The Migrator will be reconstructed. Go to the Beach to see. If you want to help find pieces for The Migrator, go to the Iceberg and play Aqua Grabber. And about Aqua Grabber, it has been updated. The game is now alot faster!


In other news, this penguin “Bigredone94” was hacked! So if you see him on, that is not the real Bigredone94. A kid in my school named Shane owns that penguin, and now the password is changed. So if you see that penguin, tell him to give Bigredone back!


Waddle On! And also, GO TO MY YOUTUBE AND SUBSCIBE TO ME! Click Here for Frazzie’s Youtube.