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New Updates May 8, 2008

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Hey Pengs! Frazzie here. Here are three updates just to keep you penguins out there up-to-date with Club Penguin.

New Updates

This is New, and I am glad it came! Tired of noobs yelling out, “ADD ME ADD ME!” I know I am! Well now, this automatically comes up when you ask someone to be your buddy when they are full.

This is kinda late, but you can now go from big screen to small screen!

And for this update, you can now make a penguin that has spaces! It has been known for the past month to have been a hack, but it turns out that you can really do this. But I don’t like it, because you can pose as other penguins that only have one space! What do you think?

In Other News

The Next Episode of FTV is coming soon!

Waddle On! You all rock.  😉


Newspaper, Rockhopper, and Party April 24, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Lots of stuff is going on today. Rockhopper is back, and there is a Newspaper, and my Hits Party! Read all about it.  😉


It’s true! Rockhopper is finally back. Besides that one return in January when he gave us lifejackets, I haven’t seen him around Club Penguin since November! Read all about it in this weeks Newspaper.

Besides the return of Rockhopper, there is also another Writing Contest! The one from Spring 2007 was a great hit, even though my submission didn’t make it. Make sure you submit yours!

And here are the Events for this week’s Newspaper.

Rockhopper’s Back

Rockhopper is finally back! After almost 4 months of repairing, his ship is fixed. Thanks to everyone who helped. So no you can meet him on Club Penguin. I’ve met him many times, and I hope you can too! Anyways, here are the New Items! The Free Item is a Red and Black T-Shirt, and the Furniture Item is the Rare Flower Pot. This is all, as usual, at the Beach!

Final Party Reminder

Here is a final reminder of My 20,000 Hits Party! And there is awesome news about it. The Club Penguin Clock is now fixed, so now you can figure out what time it will be where you live when the party starts. So remember, the party starts when the Club Penguin Clock at the Snowforts strikes 4:00pm today! At Server Frozen Dock.

In Other News

Make sure you check out my King Of The Ring page, to cast your vote for this weeks poll. Remember, every vote counts!

Waddle On!  😀

New Penguin Poll, Cool Funny Pic March 25, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Today Club Penguin made a New Penguin Poll. Check it out at ClubPenguin.com. 😉


Here is what The Poll says. 😉


And hey everyone, check this out! It is not an edit. As you can see, it is The 2005 Party Hat(Beta), The 2006 Party Hat, and The 2007 Party Hat are sitting in a row. Starring me, pinkilicous, and Blubba Dubby, although you can’t see Blubba Dubbys name. I hope you like it. 😉


In other news, please visit all of my other pages, like King Of The Ring, or Videos. And also, Click Here for my Youtube account. It has lots of really cool Videos for you to enjoy. 😉

Waddle On! 😉

News and Mystery Starfish March 20, 2008

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Hey Penguins! I’m sorry that I haven’t been on Club Penguin for a bit, I haven’t really been able to get on. To tell you the truth, I was thinking about quiting! Luckily I did not. Well the Newspaper came out today, and it has lots of cool stuff to read about. Like for example, the pic below is for the upcoming Aprils Fools Party 2008. The 2007 Party was awesome! I hope this next one will be cool. Another Party coming up soon is the Easter Party. Last year’s was fun, too.  😀

Change The Rules? I can’t wait!


Here is the Upcoming Events for March 20th, 2008. I hope they don’t bring back the Blue Bunny Ears from 2007. (One of my oldest items).


Now here is a Mystery. The Starfish Pin? That was out a year ago! Read this for more.

What the heck? I know this Pin was out about a year ago. It is also in the same spot where it was last year. (Or atleast that’s what I remember from last year Lol).


Wierd Huh. But I’m not surprised, because this Pin has been out before, in May 2007.


In other news, the migrator is going great! Go to the Beach to check that out. Also, check out My Youtube. It  has over 30 awesome videos for you to enjoy.

Another quick thing that I had to say, is for MC Productions. I think they deserve a pat on the back. They have worked very hard (Mohd222 Supposed and Toronto), and are some of my best buds on Club Penguin. Make sure you check their sites, on my Blogroll.

Waddle On!