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Latest FTV Episode May 26, 2008

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Hey I made Episode 9 for Frazzie TV. I hope you like it! But sorry when the Video was uploading, and error occured so the quality isn’t as good as it should be. You might notice that in the beginning parts. Well I hope you still like it!

FTV Episode 9

FTV Episode 9 is mainly about my Club Penguin History of fame. As you know, there has been 2 Famous Times. The first, was 2006-2007, which was with Paintboy100, Chewit Dude, Kornareso, Hu Flung Pu, Car23 Trey10, Papercuter, and lots more. The second one is 2008-2009. (Obviously that one is still going on). This Video shows that I am in 2 different Famous Times. The first and second. I was going to quit Club Penguin around when the first one was ending, along with the other 2006-2007 Legends, but I decided to stay for the Second Era. So here I am, still here to entertain my fans in a whole New Famous Era! Enjoy the Video.

You guys I’m really sorry about the quality of the Video. It got messed up while uploading so it’s kinda hard to read what I’m saying. But I hope you still like it!

In Other News

Make sure you Click Here for my Youtube to see my other Vids!

Waddle On!


FTV Episode 7 and Club Penguin News April 18, 2008

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Hey Penguins! There are lots of New Stuff, and lots of old stuff that I missed when I was gone. Well there is a New Episode of FTV, a New Igloo Catalog, a New Club Penguin Logo, and a very important penguin!

FTV Episode 7

Finally! My next Episode of FTV is out! It is “Club Penguin FTV: Episode 7”, and it is a tour of all the parties on Club Penguin. It is pretty good. Enjoy!

New Igloo Stuff

Lots of New Igloo stuff came out. In the Furniture Catalog, there are lots of Plants that were brought back. Also, there are some New Stuff like gnomes and fences! Here is what the New Catalog looks like.

Also, there are some secrets as usual. For the first one, this is pretty obvious. Click the Palm Tree on the word “Plants” to get the Palm Tree! Lol.

Click on the Regfrigerator for the Cake!

And for the last Furniture Catalog secret, click the LCD Television for the Big Screen TV.

And for the Igloo Upgrades, here is the New Catalog!

Here is the Phony Lawn.

Also, here is the awesome new Igloo! I usually don’t like New Igloos, but this one is pretty cool.

And here is the only secret. Click the door, as usual, for the Secret Stone Igloo!


Yes, a little late, but here are the Events.

Big News

Nickname! Yes, this is the real Nickname. I saw him on Server Northpole when I was hanging out with Cruiseb. I asked him a buddy request, and he repiled yes! And no, this is not an edit. I’m sure he is Cruiseb’s bud, because they were talking like they have met before. And if you don’t know who Nickname1 is, then watch the Club Penguin Tutorial. He is a moderator! But none of the mods have the moderator sign anymore. Here is a pic.

Also, Club Penguin has a New Logo and Theme. Sorry this is late but as you know from my last post that I wasn’t able to get on the computer until now. Well here is the new logo, and if you go to http://clubpenguin.com then you will see the BIG changes!

In Other News

A special thanks to Toronto at http://cabluey.com for helping me out with getting my new Video Editing Software. Make sure you visit his site. Now my videos will be alot better!

Click Here for my Youtube Channel to watch all of my videos.

Waddle On!  😉

Im Back, and Lots of Missed Stuff April 16, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Sorry I have been gone for a few days. Also sorry that FTV Episode 7 isn’t out yet. It is all because the Internet at my house went down and it wouldn’t fix! So I am gonna post everything that I missed. I will also update the pages, like King Of The Ring because I missed that too.  8)

Well let’s start with this! There is a new play at the Stage. It is about rescuing a Golden Puffle, and it has mummies and pharoahs in it too. So make sure you check that out!

They brought back 2 Items. The Lasso, which is pictures below, and the Safari Hat. They are both old items!

Also, this Flare Flinger is at the Beach. Agent G’ said that it somehow helps Rockhopper. Just click on it to set off the fireworks!

And here are the Events. I missed posting about the stuff that happened on April 11. And as you can see, the New Pin came! Make sure you get the Pin! It is hidden in the Book Room.

In other news, sorry my next episode of FTV hasn’t come out yet. As you know, my computer hasn’t been working so I can’t upload yet. It is done, but not on Youtube. It should be up by this Friday.

Waddle On!  😉

New Mission Soon and FTV 7 Sneak Peek April 10, 2008

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Hiya Penguins! The New Club Penguin Mission 7 is coming soon. On the Club Penguin Blog, this is what Billybob put for a special sneak peek! 

In other news, the New FTV Episode is coming soon! Make sure you keep checking in on my FTV Page, or just check up on My Youtube to see if it is ready.

Here is a special sneak peek of what it will be about.

Here’s a Hint- It has to do with all of the Parties ever on Club Penguin!

Waddle On! You all rock.  😉

New Episode Of FTV March 26, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Frazzie here. I made a New FTV Video. Here it is below. And also, please double click on it to rate, comment, and subscribe to the Video. Enjoy!

Club Penguin FTV: Episode 6 

PS- Please Click Here for my Youtube Account to see my other Videos! For more FTV, you can go to my FTV Page, which has every Episode. Waddle On!

New Penguin Poll, Cool Funny Pic March 25, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Today Club Penguin made a New Penguin Poll. Check it out at ClubPenguin.com. 😉


Here is what The Poll says. 😉


And hey everyone, check this out! It is not an edit. As you can see, it is The 2005 Party Hat(Beta), The 2006 Party Hat, and The 2007 Party Hat are sitting in a row. Starring me, pinkilicous, and Blubba Dubby, although you can’t see Blubba Dubbys name. I hope you like it. 😉


In other news, please visit all of my other pages, like King Of The Ring, or Videos. And also, Click Here for my Youtube account. It has lots of really cool Videos for you to enjoy. 😉

Waddle On! 😉

Easter Party March 21, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Today, the Easter Party started. There are no decorations, just like last year, but it is still fun to find the Eggs. Like last year, there are 8 Eggs to find. Once you find all eight, you claim your prize! It is the Green Bunny Ears. Last year there were Blue Ears, and in 2006 there were Pink Ears. Well anyway, Happy Easter! And Good Luck finding those Eggs. 

This Egg is at the Gift Shop. Look in the Upper Right Corner and it should be in the Poster. 😀


This Egg is at the Dock on this Post shown in the pic below. 😀


This Egg is by far, the hardest one to get. The Ninja Egg is what I call it. So I will tell you how to get it by steps. First, you go to the Dojo on the map. Next, you look carefully at the wall. The Ninja Egg should fade in and fade out in lots of places on the wall. You have to be very quick to click it! 😀


Go to the Pet Shop, and look in the Upper Right Hand Corner. There is a Puffle in a cage, and you click it to get the Egg. 😀


This is one of the hardest Eggs to see. It is on the Light next to the Mask at the Stage. 😀


Here is the Green Egg, it is at the Book Room. Simple enough, right? 😀


This is one of the easiest Eggs to find. The hint says “I am near a Rocking Horse,” and anyone would know that there is one at the Ski Lodge Attic. So just roll your mouse over the Box here, and it should pop up. 😀


This Egg is hard to spot at first. But it is in the Mine! Click on the Light shown below to get it. 😀


Once you have collected all 8 Eggs, this is what your Egg Map should look like. 😀


Here is the Prize! I’m glad they didn’t bring back the Blue ones. Well here are the Green Bunny Ears. 😀


I hoped this helped you. Good Luck finding them, and Happy Easter. 

In Other News, Cpmac is giving away a Free Beta! Go to his site http://cpmac.wordpress.com to check that out. And also, please see all of my other pages, and my awesome Youtube! Click Here for my youtube account.

Happy Easter!  😆