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Latest FTV Episode May 26, 2008

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Hey I made Episode 9 for Frazzie TV. I hope you like it! But sorry when the Video was uploading, and error occured so the quality isn’t as good as it should be. You might notice that in the beginning parts. Well I hope you still like it!

FTV Episode 9

FTV Episode 9 is mainly about my Club Penguin History of fame. As you know, there has been 2 Famous Times. The first, was 2006-2007, which was with Paintboy100, Chewit Dude, Kornareso, Hu Flung Pu, Car23 Trey10, Papercuter, and lots more. The second one is 2008-2009. (Obviously that one is still going on). This Video shows that I am in 2 different Famous Times. The first and second. I was going to quit Club Penguin around when the first one was ending, along with the other 2006-2007 Legends, but I decided to stay for the Second Era. So here I am, still here to entertain my fans in a whole New Famous Era! Enjoy the Video.

You guys I’m really sorry about the quality of the Video. It got messed up while uploading so it’s kinda hard to read what I’m saying. But I hope you still like it!

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Waddle On!


A New Beginning May 21, 2008

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Breaking News!

MC Has Broken Up!

Something has happened. MC Productions have broken up! Mohd 222, who has been my friend since October 2007, Supposed, who has been my friend since December 2007, and Arctic Furry, who is another friend. I do have a certain side that I am on in this, but I am not saying names. If you want to know the whole story, watch this Video by Supposed. And please double click the Video to read the description.

Here is a Picture of where Supposed went. I’m not sure where Mohd222 and Arctic went, but I am pretty sure that Chewy Pup will get with Mohd somehow. I remember a long time ago when Mohd 222 and Chewy Pup were still unbanned. They always somehow got together in things. Anyway, the New Beginning for GWA has begun!

In Other News

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Waddle On! You all Rock.

New Music Video, Mission 7 and Party Reminder April 22, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Mission 7 came out yesterday, and it is continued from Missions 5 and 6, with the Crab and Polar Bear. Also, I made a New Music Video! It is pretty cool. So make sure you watch that. And remember, my 20,000 Hits Party is this Thursday! Read this post to find out more.  😆

New Music Video

Here is my Newest Video! It’s a Music Video, and the song is Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy. Make sure you double click on the Video to rate, comment, and subscribe to it! Enjoy!

Mission 7

The New Mission is finally here! It is called Clockwork Repairs, and is Mission 7. Basically what the Mission is, is you have to repair the Big Clock at the Snowforts. There are many places you have to go to get information or items to help you in the Mission.

Click Here for a good Mission 7 Tutorial by Watex (Also known as Fever).

Party Reminder

Here is a reminder of my 20,000 Hits Party! And remember, Penguin Standard Time is only the time shown on the Club Penguin Clock at the Snowforts. So try and see what the time it will be where you live, when the party starts.

For example, if you live on the East Coast of the United States, the time will be 7:00pm when the party starts where you live. So make sure you figure out the difference in time-zone from Penguin Standard Time.

Ok here is a pic of the Party Reminder!

In Other News

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~ Frazzie  😉