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My Final Words June 7, 2008

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Hey all you Penguins out there, old and new. I have been playing Club Penguin since December 29, 2006. I have been doing the whole Famous Thing since March 2007, which is when I started my first site with the help of Paintboy100. In June 2007, Pukalicous and I made this site, but it was mainly his. In October 2007, Puka went on less and less until I owned this site completely. In late 2007, all the other 2007 legends began to quit too. I was gonna quit too, but I decided not too. By Febuary 2008, almost all of them were gone. Only about 3 or 4 were left. Mohd 222 was one of these, but he got banned forever in April 2008. And then, by late May 2008, I was pretty much one of the only one left that was doing the whole Famous thing in all of 2007. Ah the good old days. The days before Disney bought Club Penguin, back in the good old Parties of my day, it was great. But now, even though it is late, my time has finally come. I quit. Goodbye to all my fans and friends, old and new. I will always remember you, but I have so many other things to do in life, and I can’t do them when I’m posting and making Videos all the time. And like I said, I shouldve quit back when the other 2007 legends quit. That is how I want to be remembered, as a 2007 legend.

Here is a Video I made about all this, you can double click it to rate and comment!

I will give you some Pictures of my Player Card so you can save them to remember me. You can put them in Videos, on your site, or wherever you want. To save them to your computer, just right click on a Picture, and click Save Picture As.

Here is a Picture of my Player Card.

Here is another Picture of my Player Card.

Here is another Picture of my Player Card.

Here is another Picture of my Player Card.

Here is another Picture of my Player Card.

And here is another Picture of my Player Card.

I will truly miss everyone, friends and fans, who have made my Club Penguin life so awesome. All the way from my first fans back in March to April 2007 on my first site, from June 2007 starting on this site, all of August, September, October, the good old days. Maybe someday, I will go on Club Penguin again just to see everyone. But my time has come. Also, you all don’t need to remove me off your Buddy List, for some reasons. I might go back on Club Penguin every couple months to see what’s going on. And also, it is pretty cool to have one of the last 2007 legends on your list. But anyway, you all are my buddies, and you always will be.

For the very last time, Waddle On! And you all really rock.



CPIP Item and Books June 1, 2008

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Hey, there is a New Item for CPIP Testers, and the Storybooks are here.


If any of you tested for the Club Penguin Improvement Project (CPIP) back in February, then you will receive a Red Mining Helmet for your award in testing for glitches and errors in the game. It is kinda like Beta Testing, except you don’t get the Beta Hat Lol. Well anyway, the Item is automatically in your Clothing Inventory, so make sure you check!

Here is a picture of me wearing the New Item.

New Story Book Reminder

Also, just a reminder, the Spring 2008 Storybook is now available to read in the Book Room. The 2007 Spring Tales were alot of fun to read when they first came out, so I hope you all enjoy the New Book too!

In Other News

If you hadn’t heard yet, I have closed down my King Of The Ring page. Thank you all who have voted in the polls, it was really fun!

Waddle On!

Newspaper May 29, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Well here are the New Stuff in the Newspaper that came out today.


The Newspaper came out today!

First off, the Book Contest is over. The Winners are Lolliepops10, Sammysays, and Chochypop! Good job to those three who won.

Also, the Igloo Contest is over!

Congratulations everyone who one! Especially Cycle22, cause he’s one of my best buds.

And here are the Events! Not much, but I’m looking forward to the Catalog coming up soon.

In Other News

I have decided to close down my King Of The Ring page. Thanks to everyone who voted in all the polls! It was really fun doing it.

Waddle On! You all rock.

FTV Party, Lots Of News, and Catalog Secrets May 24, 2008

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Hey all you crazy Penguins out there! There is lots going on right now, so read more to find out!  😉

FTV Party

Here is the info for the next FTV Party! This is going to be recorded, and put on Youtube as Episode 9. Please come, cause it’s gonna be awesome. My Igloo on Saturday, May 24, 2008. These times are for USA, and they are 5:00PM for the Pacific Coast, 7:00PM for Central Standard, and 8:00PM for Eastern Standard. It’s gonna be at Server Mammoth. I hope you can make it!  😉

Newest Free Item

There is a New Free Item. It was brought back from Halloween 2006. Go to the Lighthouse to get it!

New Pin

Here is the New Pin! Click the bucket at the Boiler Room, and it makes the Anvil Pin for you!


The Newspaper came out! Check out these big articles.

Igloo Contest! Make sure you buy lots of coins and start decorating!

The Party is being Extended to May 25! Make sure you explore Club Penguin and check out the awesome rooms.

The Winners will be announced soon for the Writing Contest!

Here are the Events for this month!

Igloo Secrets

There are 5 Secrets for the New Furniture Catalog. There is also an Igloo Catalog out right now, but the only Cheats in that are the ones that are always there.

For this Secret, click the “P” in Plants to get the Palm Tree.

Click The Large House Plant for the Coffee Shop Tree!

Click this Vase for the Grey Plush Chair.

Click the hole in this Pink Castle to get the Inflatable Dragon!

And for this Secret, you click the Sink to get the Birthday Cake!

Pet Catalog Secrets

The only Secret for the Pet Catalog is by clicking this clover thing. You can buy the Grey House by doing it.

In Other News

Make sure you check out my other pages! And make sure you go to my Party.

Waddle On! You all rock.

Party Sneak Peek and Pin May 12, 2008

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Hey all you Crazy Penguins out there! There is a Party coming soon! Read to find out more. Also, there is a New Pin!

Party Sneak Peek

Here is the Super Sneak Peek for the Upcoming Party! I like Surprise Parties because you never know what New Items will come. With Parties like Summer, Halloween, and all that, they come every year Lol. Well all we know is that the Party is on May 16, and will be something that Club Penguin has never experienced before!

Secret Pin

And here is the New Pin. Go to the Coffee Shop, click the Lamp, and it will fall to you! Here is a pic.

In Other News

Our good friend Bike Boy93’s Cheat Site has been hacked, and all of the Pages Posts and Pics are deleted. Please check his site, and email WordPress telling them what happened! Cause we don’t want Bike to quit.

Also, Heatblast227 (Creator of CPTV), has made a New WordPress! Some of you old timers out there might remember his Old Site, which was called JustPlainCheats. I know I remember! Well his new site has Games, Pictures, and Cool Stuff to do! Check my Blogroll to go to his site.

Waddle On! You all rock.


New Updates May 8, 2008

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Hey Pengs! Frazzie here. Here are three updates just to keep you penguins out there up-to-date with Club Penguin.

New Updates

This is New, and I am glad it came! Tired of noobs yelling out, “ADD ME ADD ME!” I know I am! Well now, this automatically comes up when you ask someone to be your buddy when they are full.

This is kinda late, but you can now go from big screen to small screen!

And for this update, you can now make a penguin that has spaces! It has been known for the past month to have been a hack, but it turns out that you can really do this. But I don’t like it, because you can pose as other penguins that only have one space! What do you think?

In Other News

The Next Episode of FTV is coming soon!

Waddle On! You all rock.  😉

Clothing Catalog May 5, 2008

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Howdy Penguins! Yes I know this post is a few days late, but I was in Texas for the weekend so I couldn’t make the post. Well here it is!

Catalog Items

Yes I know it is late, but it is here! The May 2008 Clothing Catalog. It has a 16th Century “Royal Theme” added to it for some reason Lol.

For the first Item, there is the Dragon Costume for 1000 Coins!

And here are the Royal King and Queen stuff!

Here are some more New Items.

Here are these Items. I’m pretty sure that the dress has been brought back, but I am not sure.

And for the Penguins At Work Section, there is the Blacksmith Apron. There is a Secret Dance to it too!

Catalog Secrets

The First Secret leads to the New Item, the Robin Hood Hat.

This Secret leads to the Cheese Tie.

This Secret lead to the Red Viking Helmet, and if you close it and bring it back up 4 times, then you get the Blue Viking Helmet!

And this Secret leads to the Green Snorkle.

Catalog Backgrounds

Here are the New Background for this month’s Catalog! And of course, there just has to be 2 that are brought back Lol.

In Other News

Make sure you check out all of my pages!

Waddle On! You all rock. 😉

Rockhopper’s Key April 30, 2008

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Hey Penguins! The key to Rockhopper’s Room is here! Read to find out more.

Rockhopper’s Key

It was always thought to be a rumor. A rumor that started almost a year ago. But it is here! The Key to Rockhopper’s Room is finally here on Club Penguin. Here is a picture of it when you find it.

So make sure if you see this penguin, thank him for letting us in the Captains Quarters!

Here is a video by me, and it is a Tutorial of how to find the Key to Rockhopper’s Room!

I hope this video helped you. Make sure you double click it to rate, comment, and subscribe!

In Other News

Make sure you visit my othere pages, and Click Here for my Youtube!

Waddle On!  😉

Pirate Party and Sports Catalog April 26, 2008

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Hey all you crazy penguins out there! The Rockhopper and Yarr Pirate Party is here, and there is an Item and a New Pin in it too. Also, there is a New Sports Catalog! Read to find out more.  😆

Pirate Party

Hey Penguins! The Pirate Party is here, and there are lots of cool things to see and do. But Lol this is wierd. It is almost the same exact party as last year! Seriously, the decorations are pretty much the same as last years Lol. If you were on Club Penguin last year like me, you will agree with me. Well anyway, it is still a pretty cool party. Atleast you can have fun by trying to find Rockhopper. Lol but once you find him 15 times, it gets boring trust me. Well enjoy the party! 

Lol! This is the same exact Item from last years Pirate Party, and it is in the same exact place! I can’t believe that. Well anyways, it is a Sailor Hat at the Plaza.

And here is the Secret Pin for the Pirate Party. Get this. It is in the same place as last years party too! I can’t believe that. But last years Pirate Party Secret Pin was a Ruby. Well anyway, it is a Treasure Chest, and it is located at the Ski Village. You have to dig a whole where the X is to get to it.

Enjoy the Party!

Sports Catalog

The Sports Catalog came out! As usual, there are Old Items brought back Lol, but there is some New Stuff too. Check it out at the Sports Shop on Club Penguin.

Here are the New Items, the Baseball Uniforms.

Man I hate it how Club Penguin always brings back Old Items! Lol well here are the Blue and Red Ball Caps, and the New Item, the Baseball Mitt.

And for the Sports Catalog cheat, as usual, the Silver Surfboard. Just click the Penguin’s Surfboard, then the star and shell, and you can buy it for 800 coins!

And here are the New Furniture Items from the Sports Catalog. Wow, there is actually something that came that is not a brought back item! Lol.

In Other News

Make sure you Click Here for my Youtube to see all of my videos. Or you can just click on my Videos Page, to watch some of my Videos too. But my Videos Page doesn’t have all of my Videos on it, so it would be better just to go to Youtube.

And also, the Hits Party was great! Thanks to everyone who came.

Waddle On!  😉

Newspaper, Rockhopper, and Party April 24, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Lots of stuff is going on today. Rockhopper is back, and there is a Newspaper, and my Hits Party! Read all about it.  😉


It’s true! Rockhopper is finally back. Besides that one return in January when he gave us lifejackets, I haven’t seen him around Club Penguin since November! Read all about it in this weeks Newspaper.

Besides the return of Rockhopper, there is also another Writing Contest! The one from Spring 2007 was a great hit, even though my submission didn’t make it. Make sure you submit yours!

And here are the Events for this week’s Newspaper.

Rockhopper’s Back

Rockhopper is finally back! After almost 4 months of repairing, his ship is fixed. Thanks to everyone who helped. So no you can meet him on Club Penguin. I’ve met him many times, and I hope you can too! Anyways, here are the New Items! The Free Item is a Red and Black T-Shirt, and the Furniture Item is the Rare Flower Pot. This is all, as usual, at the Beach!

Final Party Reminder

Here is a final reminder of My 20,000 Hits Party! And there is awesome news about it. The Club Penguin Clock is now fixed, so now you can figure out what time it will be where you live when the party starts. So remember, the party starts when the Club Penguin Clock at the Snowforts strikes 4:00pm today! At Server Frozen Dock.

In Other News

Make sure you check out my King Of The Ring page, to cast your vote for this weeks poll. Remember, every vote counts!

Waddle On!  😀