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FTV Party, Lots Of News, and Catalog Secrets May 24, 2008

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Hey all you crazy Penguins out there! There is lots going on right now, so read more to find out!  😉

FTV Party

Here is the info for the next FTV Party! This is going to be recorded, and put on Youtube as Episode 9. Please come, cause it’s gonna be awesome. My Igloo on Saturday, May 24, 2008. These times are for USA, and they are 5:00PM for the Pacific Coast, 7:00PM for Central Standard, and 8:00PM for Eastern Standard. It’s gonna be at Server Mammoth. I hope you can make it!  😉

Newest Free Item

There is a New Free Item. It was brought back from Halloween 2006. Go to the Lighthouse to get it!

New Pin

Here is the New Pin! Click the bucket at the Boiler Room, and it makes the Anvil Pin for you!


The Newspaper came out! Check out these big articles.

Igloo Contest! Make sure you buy lots of coins and start decorating!

The Party is being Extended to May 25! Make sure you explore Club Penguin and check out the awesome rooms.

The Winners will be announced soon for the Writing Contest!

Here are the Events for this month!

Igloo Secrets

There are 5 Secrets for the New Furniture Catalog. There is also an Igloo Catalog out right now, but the only Cheats in that are the ones that are always there.

For this Secret, click the “P” in Plants to get the Palm Tree.

Click The Large House Plant for the Coffee Shop Tree!

Click this Vase for the Grey Plush Chair.

Click the hole in this Pink Castle to get the Inflatable Dragon!

And for this Secret, you click the Sink to get the Birthday Cake!

Pet Catalog Secrets

The only Secret for the Pet Catalog is by clicking this clover thing. You can buy the Grey House by doing it.

In Other News

Make sure you check out my other pages! And make sure you go to my Party.

Waddle On! You all rock.



1. cat03 - May 24, 2008

Going Camping, comming back on Tues.. Please dont comment on my site in that time. Thanks!


2. carasel - May 24, 2008

jeez i cant believe they brought back that wizarrd hat!!! it was my oldest item. well anways cool post!

3. edlu - May 24, 2008

Keep up the awesome work,
and dont forget about my party!
More details:


4. cheerybloss1 - May 24, 2008

hiya frazzie i cant make it to the party, im busy. 😦 if ur on now can u tell me where u r? thz.

5. ben4joncp - May 24, 2008

Nice post frazzie!
http://www.clubpenguininc.wordpress.com for cp history,cheats,glitches,tips,updates and much more.
Hope you like the site

6. spq96 - May 24, 2008

Sweet cheats Frazzie! I will try to make your party. Comment back if you want.

7. 7seba - May 24, 2008

Frazzie sorry i cant make it. Some one hacked me and benned me for 72 hours.

8. dragonslyre - May 24, 2008

hey frazzie

mammoth is full i cant get in i no your party is two and a half hours away but i like getting in earlie

9. cpmac - May 24, 2008
10. jackybob - May 24, 2008

can you please donate some word press credits to me
my email is

11. dragonslyre - May 24, 2008

im in your party is in an hour woot woot!!

12. ♥Peng Pinky♥ - May 25, 2008

Hey, http://pengpinky1.wordpress.com/ <<< Contest On… Comment The Most To Win!!! ~Peng Pinky!!

13. Practical - June 19, 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Practical.

14. Applepearguy - September 7, 2008

im the one and only Applepearguy so im cool

15. Applepearguy - September 7, 2008

20 oh its 20 im 20 20 say it say it! oh 20

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