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Rockhopper’s Key April 30, 2008

Posted by Frazzie in Club Penguin, Frazzie, Rockhopper.
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Hey Penguins! The key to Rockhopper’s Room is here! Read to find out more.

Rockhopper’s Key

It was always thought to be a rumor. A rumor that started almost a year ago. But it is here! The Key to Rockhopper’s Room is finally here on Club Penguin. Here is a picture of it when you find it.

So make sure if you see this penguin, thank him for letting us in the Captains Quarters!

Here is a video by me, and it is a Tutorial of how to find the Key to Rockhopper’s Room!

I hope this video helped you. Make sure you double click it to rate, comment, and subscribe!

In Other News

Make sure you visit my othere pages, and Click Here for my Youtube!

Waddle On!  😉



1. coolstargirl - April 30, 2008

Where is rockhopper is he on clubpenguin today because i cant see him anywhere and i want to add him as my buddy

Frazzie’s Comment- Rockhopper goes to any random server on Club Penguin, and you will be lucky to meet him! I have met him many times, and he is really nice. But, you can’t add him as your buddy. But you can get a background from him.

2. mohd222 - April 30, 2008

Cool comment back


3. Bike Boy93 - April 30, 2008

Wow nice post dude! Love the site your banner goes great with it! I hope to see you around sometime!


~Bike Boy93~ 😉

4. Heyshady - May 2, 2008

heyy great post

5. apengbomber - May 4, 2008

hey frazzie i will giv u the pass 2 da battle tactis page comment bak on http://apengbomber.wordpress.com

6. Jeff HardyFan - May 4, 2008

Hey come to my party!!!!
When)May 10,2008
Time)6:00pm PST
Place)My Igloo,Nightclub,Dock,Dojo,Iceberg
Why)5,000 Hits
Wear)Any party item u have!!!!
I will be recording plz be their!!!!!

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