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New Music Video, Mission 7 and Party Reminder April 22, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Mission 7 came out yesterday, and it is continued from Missions 5 and 6, with the Crab and Polar Bear. Also, I made a New Music Video! It is pretty cool. So make sure you watch that. And remember, my 20,000 Hits Party is this Thursday! Read this post to find out more.  😆

New Music Video

Here is my Newest Video! It’s a Music Video, and the song is Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy. Make sure you double click on the Video to rate, comment, and subscribe to it! Enjoy!

Mission 7

The New Mission is finally here! It is called Clockwork Repairs, and is Mission 7. Basically what the Mission is, is you have to repair the Big Clock at the Snowforts. There are many places you have to go to get information or items to help you in the Mission.

Click Here for a good Mission 7 Tutorial by Watex (Also known as Fever).

Party Reminder

Here is a reminder of my 20,000 Hits Party! And remember, Penguin Standard Time is only the time shown on the Club Penguin Clock at the Snowforts. So try and see what the time it will be where you live, when the party starts.

For example, if you live on the East Coast of the United States, the time will be 7:00pm when the party starts where you live. So make sure you figure out the difference in time-zone from Penguin Standard Time.

Ok here is a pic of the Party Reminder!

In Other News

Click Here for my Youtube. Please watch my videos and sub me! I will sub back!

~ Frazzie  😉



1. horsebuzz117 - April 23, 2008

Awesome! Ill be there frazzie! And cool new music video it is very cool

2. flamescp - April 23, 2008

COOOOOOL!!!!!!!! ill try to come to ur party frazie. but lol! the clock is broke! how are we suposed to find out what time it is where we live rofl. lol!

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