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New Mission Soon and FTV 7 Sneak Peek April 10, 2008

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Hiya Penguins! The New Club Penguin Mission 7 is coming soon. On the Club Penguin Blog, this is what Billybob put for a special sneak peek! 

In other news, the New FTV Episode is coming soon! Make sure you keep checking in on my FTV Page, or just check up on My Youtube to see if it is ready.

Here is a special sneak peek of what it will be about.

Here’s a Hint- It has to do with all of the Parties ever on Club Penguin!

Waddle On! You all rock.  😉



1. Jc4x4 - April 10, 2008

Cool Sneak Peaks!

Those are the hats from the 1 year aniversery party on Club Penguin Right? They are the Party Hats..

Jc4x4 @www.jc4x4.org

2. mohd222 - April 10, 2008
3. billybobland - April 10, 2008

cpmac having a party!!!
why:he got 10,000 hits!!
when:april20th 7:30p.m.
whos envited:everyone!!!
how awsome is it going to be?awsomely awsome!!!
hope u can come!!!!
P.S. check it out!!!
and hes giving away a free beta!!!

4. mook3 - April 10, 2008

Nice site! Keep it up!



5. hockeybobo99 - April 11, 2008

hey frazzie awesome site and post.

Pls check out my site

6. Burgers Rule - April 12, 2008

Hey Frazzie! Awesome site! Oh, and plz visit http://ebrproductions.wordpress.com/ and check out me and Ed324’s new production company! Its an awesome site!


7. cag97 - April 14, 2008

View my Youtube channel and videos. http://youtube.com/user/cag97cp

8. dragonslyre - April 15, 2008

why hasnt episode 7 come out yet frazzie im desprete!!!!

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