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Morts Sites April 6, 2008

Posted by Frazzie in Blogroll, Club Penguin, Wordpress.
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Hey Penguins out there! Just letting you know, please visit Mort’s sites. He’s a good friend, so here they are!

Mort’s Old Site- http://rumimort150000.wordpress.com

Mort’s New Site- http://mortcp.wordpress.com




1. cpmac - April 6, 2008

Hi frazzie I come to your awsome site here all the time!!! Comment at my site some time and that would be great!!!
P.S.- Im giving away a beta.
2nd P.S.- Can I please be on your blogroll?

Editors Comment- Sorry, but I cannot add you to my Blogroll until you have 30,000 Hits.

2. Dan1034 - April 6, 2008

Sure I’ll Add You On My Blogroll Thanks For Addin’ Me On Urs! 😆

3. spq96 - April 6, 2008

Hey Frazzie! Thanks for the tips. I would capatilize the blog title but wordpress has changed a bit. So I don’t know how to get to the options. A little help would be great. All the best,

4. blackmist100 - April 6, 2008

hey fraz. it’s bmist. can white and i be on ur blogroll. we probably won’t becuz we only have 9,500.


5. halo21 - April 7, 2008

frazzie go on this chat so i can talk to u

6. halo21 - April 7, 2008
7. Mort - April 7, 2008

Great Work Frazzie!

8. mohd222 - April 7, 2008


9. billybobland - April 7, 2008

visit this awsomest site is the world well i think plus it maybe better than watex’s serios!!!check it out!!!this isant even my site!
P.S. comment there sometimes toyour site also rocks!!!

10. dragonslyre - April 7, 2008

when is the next episode of ftv???? ftv rocks and i want a new episode lol

11. koreanxpv - April 8, 2008

if i get 50,000 hits im going to have a party! so go to http://www.koreanxpv.wordpress.com right now!


12. koreanxpv - April 8, 2008

and dude u no the site wit the beta giva away? i bet its fake! who would give away a beta tester?!?!?! u wouldnt!

13. mohd222 - April 8, 2008

U never comment back 😦

14. Mort - April 13, 2008

No offence frazzie but it would be funny if ftv meant: fucking tv but i know its actually means frazzie television

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