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April Clothing Catalog, and Rockhopper April 4, 2008

Posted by Frazzie in Club Penguin, Frazzie, Rockhopper.
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Hey Penguins! The New Clothing Catalog for April is out, and it has lots of old stuff, but some new stuff too. Check it out!  8)


Here are the Ties. 2 of them are brought back, but the rest are all new. I like the Fish One alot. But if you click the Penguin’s mouth, you can get the Cheese Tie!


The Pink Purse and the Yellow Sundress, both new.


Here is the Casual Suit and the Green Boots. They are both new, but the Suit has been out in a different color!


Here is the Straw Hat, Overalls, and Messenger Bag. Lol every single one of these items has been out before, all in different Catalogs on Club Penguin.


Click on the Pot Of Gold to get the Red Viking Helmut, and click and close it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmut!


For the Penguins At Work section of this Catalog, there is the Rescue Outfit! The Hat has been out before, in the December 2006 Catalog, but the Jacket is new.


Here are the new Backgrounds, but I wouldn’t call them new Lol because 2 of them have been out before.


Rockhopper’s Ship is back! It may be a bit muddy, but thanks to everyone who helped put the ship back together. Go to the Beach to check it out.


In other news, please visit all of my other pages, like King Of The Ring, FTV, or Funny Pictures, to be entertained and maybe to get a good laugh. You all rock, and see you on Club Penguin!

Also, WordPress has changed its theme! When you log in, it is really different. Check that out too.

Also, Click Here for my Youtube.




1. Mort - April 5, 2008

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2. icevampiro - April 5, 2008

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3. Jc4x4 - April 5, 2008


Well http://www.fabeo2.wordpress.com is my biggest friends blog.. In order for me to add you to his blogroll, you will have to add him first.


4. mohd222 - April 6, 2008
5. spq96 - April 6, 2008

Hey Frazzie! It’s me Spq96. Thanks for the awesome tips for my website! All the best,

6. pj lad - April 6, 2008

frazzie actually three ties were brought back; the green tie, yellow stripe tie, and black tie are all old

7. Agent60706 & Clipi - April 6, 2008

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