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New Penguin Poll, Cool Funny Pic March 25, 2008

Posted by Frazzie in Club Penguin, Frazzie, Funny Pic, New Poll.
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Hey Penguins! Today Club Penguin made a New Penguin Poll. Check it out at ClubPenguin.com. 😉


Here is what The Poll says. 😉


And hey everyone, check this out! It is not an edit. As you can see, it is The 2005 Party Hat(Beta), The 2006 Party Hat, and The 2007 Party Hat are sitting in a row. Starring me, pinkilicous, and Blubba Dubby, although you can’t see Blubba Dubbys name. I hope you like it. 😉


In other news, please visit all of my other pages, like King Of The Ring, or Videos. And also, Click Here for my Youtube account. It has lots of really cool Videos for you to enjoy. 😉

Waddle On! 😉



1. hutaodewang - March 25, 2008

Good entry!! I love this this blog!
my blog http://blog.huqing.net
welcome you to here!

2. hockeybobo99 - March 26, 2008

that is one good picture. awesome site.

hey frazzie i need people for my video and iwas wondering if you wanted to be in the video.

3. Frazzie - March 26, 2008

Sure Hockey Ill be in the Video! Just tell me when and where.

4. narniapengi - March 26, 2008

Hello there! So you’ve got the site now, huh? 😉

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