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Easter Party March 21, 2008

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Hey Penguins! Today, the Easter Party started. There are no decorations, just like last year, but it is still fun to find the Eggs. Like last year, there are 8 Eggs to find. Once you find all eight, you claim your prize! It is the Green Bunny Ears. Last year there were Blue Ears, and in 2006 there were Pink Ears. Well anyway, Happy Easter! And Good Luck finding those Eggs. 

This Egg is at the Gift Shop. Look in the Upper Right Corner and it should be in the Poster. 😀


This Egg is at the Dock on this Post shown in the pic below. 😀


This Egg is by far, the hardest one to get. The Ninja Egg is what I call it. So I will tell you how to get it by steps. First, you go to the Dojo on the map. Next, you look carefully at the wall. The Ninja Egg should fade in and fade out in lots of places on the wall. You have to be very quick to click it! 😀


Go to the Pet Shop, and look in the Upper Right Hand Corner. There is a Puffle in a cage, and you click it to get the Egg. 😀


This is one of the hardest Eggs to see. It is on the Light next to the Mask at the Stage. 😀


Here is the Green Egg, it is at the Book Room. Simple enough, right? 😀


This is one of the easiest Eggs to find. The hint says “I am near a Rocking Horse,” and anyone would know that there is one at the Ski Lodge Attic. So just roll your mouse over the Box here, and it should pop up. 😀


This Egg is hard to spot at first. But it is in the Mine! Click on the Light shown below to get it. 😀


Once you have collected all 8 Eggs, this is what your Egg Map should look like. 😀


Here is the Prize! I’m glad they didn’t bring back the Blue ones. Well here are the Green Bunny Ears. 😀


I hoped this helped you. Good Luck finding them, and Happy Easter. 

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Happy Easter!  😆



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3. flamescp - March 22, 2008

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4. Louisa39 - March 22, 2008

Frazzie Hey its me!
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6. cpmac - March 22, 2008

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9. Jc4x4 - March 23, 2008


Happy Easter!!

Hope everything turns out great!!!

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10. mohd222 - March 24, 2008

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11. Kylebrock7 - March 25, 2008

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12. 1pinkie7 - March 28, 2008

Great post and awesome site! =)

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