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St. Patricks Day Party March 18, 2008

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Happy St. Patricks Day! Sorry everone this is very late. But the party is sort’ve like the one from 2007, but some stuff are different. Well there are lots of decorated rooms and stuff to see! Here is a pic.


Here is the Free Item! It is a Big St. Patricks Day Hat. Thank goodness they didn’t bring the Shamrock Hat back! Oh and this is at the Ski Village.


Here is the new pin! It is a Book at the Boiler Room. I guess it is to announce the new game.


Also, in other news, they brought back the Space Adventure show at the Stage. So if you weren’t able to get the items there the first time, then head to the Stage to get them now.

And so please check my videos and other pages!




1. cpalive - March 18, 2008

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2. mohd222 - March 18, 2008

Hey frazzie
long time no see
please comment back =)

3. redbatguin - March 19, 2008

hello! seriesly i just relised some thing! The sites called cheats by frazzie but there isn’t a cheats page! Why have a CP blog with out a cheats page?

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