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Beta Palooza! February 25, 2008

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Hey Penguins! This all happened in 1 day! I was on Server Frozen and I went to the Mountain to Sled Race. And there, I saw 2 Beta Testers! The one named “shyguy” added me, but “blah blah49” didn’t. Then I went to “shyguys” igloo, and what do you know? There is a third Beta! Pinkilicous. She added me too. Well keep reading, because theres a 4th Beta!

Here are their pictures.


And then I went to the Dock, and guess what? “fano” was there! Good ol’ fano Lol. Here is a nice letter he sent me before he had to go.


Well that’s it! Waddle On.

PS- Once again, Welcome To My Site. Pukalicous has quit, and so now this is officially “Frazzie’s Cheat Site.” Tell all of your friends! And so change that Blogroll from www.askfrazzie.com to pukalicous.wordpress.com.




1. Jbl44 - February 26, 2008

Holaz frazzie! Im adding ur site to my blogroll plz add mine to yours.

2. hockeybobo99 - February 26, 2008

Dude you are so lucky.

Cya on CP.

3. mohd222 - February 26, 2008

Lol why do u need a post about betas lmao!

4. Frazzie - February 26, 2008

i just needed something to post about lol

5. kylebrock7 - February 26, 2008

hey frazzie, could you please add me to your blogroll becuse i had you for a long time on mine and im your buddie on cp. we,, thanks!

6. kylebrock7 - February 26, 2008

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll!

7. snowdobby - February 26, 2008

awesome lol!

8. Frazzie - February 27, 2008

no prob kyle. and thanks snow!

9. kameka rok - February 27, 2008

lucky. i was there when pinkilicous was on and i saw u. pinkilicous added me but then she deleted me 😦

10. Jc4x4 - February 27, 2008

Hi how is everything doing? I was wondering… Sorry I took you off my blogroll… Uh can you add me back i will add you back! Thanks!


11. sweetcars12 - February 27, 2008

That’s awesome! THat’s wierd, 4 betas at the same time lol Blah blah’s a beta? wierd…

12. mohd222 - February 27, 2008


13. lilkooka - February 27, 2008

ya there have been alot of betas on lately

14. homie1124 - February 27, 2008
15. Frazzie - February 28, 2008

ya kooka i know alot lol. and hey jc4x4 sorry im not gonna do blogroll for another month. there are many reasons, but youll be the first one to add!

16. Heuwy - March 2, 2008

Hey, can you add me to your Blog Roll, you know, once you get it
back? http://www.heuwy.wordpress.com <—- 😎 and Frazzie can I be an admin
on here? BTW I added you to my Blog Roll!!
I met “Blah Blah” He’s my buddy, and so is KellyM (Also, a betta) but she’s a girl so I should say “She’s my buddy!” 🙂
Visit: http://www.heuwy.wordpress.com and remember to comment! 😉


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