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New name December 11, 2007

Posted by rogeh in Uncategorized.

Rulerofgame here.

I just wanted to say i did not like my old forums site so i made a new one


It is great and Fun!

A lot better to!

Please visit my new one!!!!!




1. narniapengi - December 19, 2007

Wow, you guys haven’t posted in quite a bit!

2. texas vs a - December 20, 2007

ya really lol

3. papercuter - December 21, 2007

cool forum..

im so sorry that i havnt been commenting on ur site, il try!

good web keep up the good work frazzie!




4. coop014 - January 9, 2008

Heyy Rulerofgame
i got hacked i”m sorry CProx deleted me and all my admin’s…
i forgot your E-mail dude plz forgive me i want you to be on my site still so please respond!!!!
me E-amil is coop014@aol.com
ok dude please 4 give me dude im so sorrry!!!
and puka

Dude dont quit you rock and you still havent got helped me make a header!!!

i”ve been waiting you rock dude im sorry same thing as what i was saying to rog i got deleted and 4 got ya”ll E-mail’s
again E-mail me at coop014@aol.com

i DONT want you to quit be-fore you help me

you so rock!!!
ive been getting famous-er but still my site stink’s i will have lot’s of partie’s and i wannnnn’tttt you to help me

i really am starting to worry about you i rlly dont want you to leavee FOR EVER!!!!!!

thats like getting banned 4 ever to me but….
Ya know it’s not up to me i want you to at least help me a little bite!!

i suck i need some body nice famous Hummm who could that BEEEeee

yeaAA PUKA IS cool NICE famous COOL the best!!!!!!!!!!

puka just go on at least like one-ce a month and hopefully more!!!!!!!!!!

plz puka i really need help getting my site more famous and all you guys

i messed up!

guy’s just think bout helpin a poor man out!!!

well im not poor

im sucky…

im not a poser as Real Now say’s geezzzieeee
im so sick of this ya know what i mean i wanna be famous to hgelp get peoople famous!!!!!!!!

5. cpjauquelapue - January 19, 2008

hey i have seen u on cp before and u siad no wen i asked u to be my buddy

-Jauque Lapue


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