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New Pin December 7, 2007

Posted by pukalicous in Uncategorized.

Lol its a weird pin after all!



1. fotis01 - December 7, 2007

you posted about that on my blog-ive posted it earlier lol (I think u didnt see it bcux ive made another post today) but ok it doesnt matter

2. pukalicous - December 7, 2007

Ok! Sorry bout’ that!

3. bogabo - December 7, 2007

Hasn’t the pins always been wierd latley?

4. cpman - December 7, 2007

Hey Puka do you live in Atlanta, GA? That’s where I live too! You’re awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

5. mohd222 - December 8, 2007

kewl, pls comment on my site http://www.mohd222.wordpress.com

~mohd222’sbro~ mohd at camp!

6. mohd222 - December 8, 2007

arnt u gona quit omg just go cp would be better we were never freinds!

~Puka~ Thats not helping me at all. Besides, you always called me a poser!

7. wow - December 8, 2007

“omg just quit already! go!!!” i know this isnt mohd but im srry this is what he wanted me to say! he said u haked him??

~mohd222’sbro~ mohd at camp!he said first line not me! i dont want u to quit

8. lilguy574 - December 8, 2007

hey every one including the owner(s) go to
we are either the
dark ninja army
dragon ninja army
duck ninja army
dead ninja army
you choose in ice vampiros poll
you can sign up to be one of eight senseis in either the element clan which includes
the fire clan
the air clan
the water clan
the earth clan
in the dna army there are the D clan names listed above
ifyou dont get to be sensei you can be a ninja or a samurai in all the 8 clans
please copy and paste this on all possible blogs we want this to be a success

9. jc4x4 - December 16, 2007

Hey your penguin name is Puka Right? Well i saw your comment on my site, Congrats! your in 4th Command!!!!!

10. Cheese Lilly - January 2, 2008

Hey pukalicous can you interveiw me just like you did to frazzie?how about January 5 2007.server:Mammoth Time:11:00 am (penguin time) Place:DOJO plz respond here

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