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Sorry! by Rulerofgame November 10, 2007

Posted by rogeh in Uncategorized.

Sorry for not posting on MY site i cant get on anymore cause my user rulerofgame was hacked someone chaned the pass then i tried to change pass with my email and my email pss wased changed!!!!!!And my emails homepage has no forgot password page!!!!!So im going to use my other penguin that i never told you about.He is over 700 days old.His name is “Super Matty” .So i will be making a new wordpress!!!


the site to go to is


I got Rulerofgame back so please go back to rulerofgamecp.



1. pukalicous - November 10, 2007

Let Super Matty be my Buddy on Club Penguin.


2. Bluesoulxo - November 10, 2007

Hey,Too Bad, I hate when that happens, and Super Matty is one of your penguins? Cool…

3. rulerofgame - November 10, 2007

im on right now

4. rulerofgame - November 10, 2007

are you on?

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