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Chewy Pup November 10, 2007

Posted by pukalicous in Uncategorized.

Me and Chewy Pup have said sorry to eachother. We are going to start over like nothing ever happened. Please lets be friends and let nothing get between us. 😉




1. pukalicous - November 10, 2007

If any of you guys see Chewy Pup tell him to stop calling me names!


2. Chewster - November 10, 2007

Ok thats it puka im banning you from cp FOR EVER. I dont care that youve never been banned. I warned you and well you deserve a ban. YOU STEEL CROWDS. U TRIED TO TAKE MOHDS> YOU ADVERTICE ON CP. GEESH. Well have fun being banned. I have to go to cp and do it. If al goes well ur be banned by tomorrow

3. Azu and Demon (not online) - November 10, 2007

don’t worry I will.
have u ever met me in Club Penguin?
..and Chewy Pup works in Mohd’s site so I guess u could talk to Chewy Pup there.
~Azu and Demon~

4. narniapengi - November 10, 2007

I’m at the dock right now, and I see what you mean! Chewy just really won’t stop saying that!!! Man, even if you did pose, it wouldn’t be right to embarass you in front of everyone.

~Puka~ I didnt even pose! He is just being a jerk and he wants all the fame!

5. Oilersmyth - November 10, 2007

Ok, now, You have to write about the partys an usal stuff at my site bye!

6. Chewypup - November 10, 2007

Hey puka. Listen up I AM A MOD ON CP DUH. I wont be banned I am banned got it. LOL i can only log in with my ip, No on else. My dad GIZMO works for cp in the media department, Ur weird and u will be banned for ever. I will make sure i can do it

7. narniapengi - November 10, 2007

😦 I really hate all of this! It is very sad, and I wish the two of you could get along.

8. gooner7 (not logged in, cant be bothered lol) - November 10, 2007

chewy pup, is that how a real mod should really behave? and i still dont believe your one until you unban me. surely if you can ban someone for doing nothing then cant you unban someone who has done hardly anything wrong?


9. Fylliper - November 10, 2007


Chewy Pup is lying!!! Chewy Pup says he lives in USA and the mods live in Canada!!! HAHAHA!

Oh yeah and Puka, I have re-thought and if you would like to re-add me that would be fine with me and I would post every couple of days.

>>FYLL =]

~Puka~ Sure I will readd you! I didnt know that you are still going on Club Penguin!

10. narniapengi - November 10, 2007

I posted on Chewy’s site, and asked him what was going on, basicly. Go on my site to see all that I said, posted it.

11. Chewypup - November 10, 2007

Puka u are weird. HEHE I decided to let mohd delete the post on his site. I will put it back unless you delete this one. Im sorry BUT plz stop agervating me. YOU TOOK MY CROWD AND TALLED EVERYONE TO YELL GET OUT CHEWY. I FORGIVE YOU JUST DELETE THE POST

12. Chewster - November 10, 2007

DELETE IT!!!!!!!!!


13. pukalicous - November 10, 2007

Ok Chewy friends?

14. pukalicous - November 10, 2007

Im sorry too.Lets be friends.

15. wariolink - November 10, 2007

ok listen up chewy lives with his mom in the USA and his dad (gizmo)
lives in canada DUH

16. pukalicous - November 10, 2007

Lets start over ok? Lets have the same crowd,ok? Nothing can come between us. Ok?


17. wariolink - November 10, 2007

DELETE THAT COMMENT AND can i be a admin here(i will add you to my blog)

18. Dudeikoff - November 10, 2007

Great! That’s what I’d have done. Pretend nothing ever happened.

19. soldier12 - November 10, 2007

Hey if you want me to be a admin my email is cavbball12@gmail.com

20. narniapengi - November 10, 2007

Good, guys!! I am very happy that the two of you made up. 😀

21. mrpenguin94 - November 10, 2007

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22. darkever64 - November 10, 2007

Hey puka I didn`t say anything about the post Im saying about stop approving comments

23. helpmeoncp - November 10, 2007

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24. clay aichen - November 11, 2007

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see you sometime on clubpenguin!

25. mohd222 - November 11, 2007

lol this is funny, pls comment on my site u forgot me!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

26. BLAZAKIN123 - November 11, 2007


27. rulerofgame - November 11, 2007

i knew it!chewy isnt a mod!!!!!!!

28. Oilersmyth - November 11, 2007


29. mrpenguin94 - November 11, 2007

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30. tuxedomac2 - November 11, 2007

PUKA CAN I PLEASE BE ADMIN FOR YOUR SITE PLEASE MY EMAIL IS car23.trey10@hotmail.com car gave it to me please

31. Dudeikoff - November 11, 2007

Darn, you’re arguing again!

32. youtppenguin - November 12, 2007

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33. mohd222 - November 12, 2007

u want fans more than friends 🙄

~Puka~ What the heck Mohd? You get all the fame and crowds and you dont even talk to anybody. All you say is Chewy Mohd! You always have to be negative to me. I cant believe you. You always bring me done just when ever you want to. You havent even seen my buddy list! You will be suprised to see how many fans are on my list.But I cant have everybody on my list so I put them on Bigredone! You need to think before you speak!

34. mohd222 - November 12, 2007

calm down, well to be honest i removed aguair and added paper, paper is my first best buddy so no comments, dont replay me being angry! I dont want to be on ur blog and i dont want u to be on mine 😉 lol

35. Azu and Demon (not online) - November 12, 2007

wow..that’s so mean.
I guess everyone even Mohd HAS a dark side..
(no offense guys!)
~Azu and Demon~

36. pukalicous - November 12, 2007

I know that but why do you always have to be negative to me?


37. ryanrocks201 - November 18, 2007

hey its Ryanrocks201 puka i tried to add you almost a zillion times cause i saw ur site one time and it was at the dock and you said no u didnt want to be my buddy and snow dobby i tried to add him almost a zillion times also!! and guess what he said no! when i asked chewy pup he said yes when i asked puffer19 he said no well puka can we just start over and i can be ur buddy? plz tell me in a comment on my site Ryanrocks201.wordpress.com thanks!!

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