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The New Mission! November 6, 2007

Posted by pukalicous in Uncategorized.

The new mission is out! Its kind of hard but once you pick up the items you need, it becomes very easy! If you want to know the answer of the white fur, its a Polar Bear! But we have a problem. I did a little research on Polar Bears and it says that Polar Bears live in the North Pole and penguin live in the South Pole! Email Club Penguin staff immediatley and tell them that you guys made a mistake in the new mission! Lol tell them I figured it out.  Ohh yea, should I make the vid of the new mission? You tell me!




1. yippiyo - November 6, 2007

you shouldn’t, waste of your time.

2. mohd222 - November 6, 2007


3. pukalicous - November 6, 2007


4. granto90 - November 7, 2007

yaa but if you want to its ok with me

5. pukalicous - November 7, 2007


6. gjmc784 - November 7, 2007

Hey Pukalicious(I stink when It comes to new peoples names, lake Aguir and Kornareso, but it takes a while). I saw your comment on your site and decided to drop by your site. Maybe wanna meet on Cp sometime? Ill be on meebo for now. At least for another half hour from now (Ill be off at 6PST). So if you wanna come talk to me on my site (if meebo works) you will find me! Later

~Puka~ Sorry!! I couldnt meet you on because I had to do some yard work. lol I guarantee you I will meet you on someday! 🙂

7. happycesar - November 7, 2007

hola pukalicous i like ur website
see ya in cp!
Be Happy 🙂
Visit http://Www.HappyCesar.Wordpress.Com Today!

8. texas vs a - November 7, 2007

lol they messed up 😆

9. pukalicous - November 7, 2007

They did. Lol. 😉


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