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Lol November 4, 2007

Posted by pukalicous in Uncategorized.

Lol I guess I have a huge fan. What about you. Has anyone “Posed” as you?




1. shades2you - November 5, 2007

Hey!! I saw you at the dock! Can you add me to youre staff? My wordpress name is shades2you (just like my penguin name) and you can email me a luckyclover782@yahoo.com. My site is http://www.shades2youcpstuff.wordpress.com
P.S. please dont post this and if you don’t and me to staff please add me to you blog roll =D

2. redflame 24 - November 5, 2007

yup i have had a poser he was called redflame 25

3. redflame 24 - November 5, 2007

oh and puka when are u going to put the new poll

4. mrpenguin94 - November 5, 2007

visit my website and play my game called odd one out on my website at mrpenguin94.wordpress.com and try to play it…THANKS!!!

5. mohd222 - November 5, 2007

lol, i have millions of imposters wait dont add him, hes someone u know, it happenes to me, its no one special just leave a space for a famous pengy or a great friend lol!

6. Frazzie - November 5, 2007

ya i saw him the other day! and i say someone named Frazzieman.

7. zoozoodeem - November 5, 2007

i saw that dude yesterday!

8. gooner7 (not logged in, cant be bothered lol) - November 5, 2007

i saw someone called Indaclub2 once :mrgreen: lol


9. texas vs a - November 5, 2007

Ya someone was once named Texas Vs Va lol then he got banned lol

10. clubpenguin545 - November 6, 2007

yup,this was even BEFORE my wordpress, and my name is Blu 923, and i caught someone with Blu923!

11. soldier 12 - November 8, 2007

ya Soldiertwelve

12. Sully1000 a.k.a Black Sully - November 8, 2007

yep i had a imposter called Sully Boo i dont know dose he mean Boo Sully and one called Sully256 and Sully726 and Black Skully lol

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