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Halloween Party and Items! October 26, 2007

Posted by pukalicous in Uncategorized.

 First you need the Halloweem Bucket to get items!


 If you want this Halloween Scarf, follow Directions below!

Follow Directions Below to find all candy bars. 

 Look into Binoculars at Cove


1. Click on Puffle 2. Happy Halloween 3. Wait one Second

 Ski Lodge

 Lighthouse Beacon


 Coffee Shop


Pizza Shop.



1. pukalicous - October 26, 2007

Everybody is free to use these pictures only if you say that Pukalicous found it. This took me one hour to do so I want credit for my work!


2. mohd 222 (not logged on) - October 26, 2007

ik all these but i didnt take pictures lol , sorry i cant log in there is a wordpress problem 😦

3. Frazzie - October 26, 2007

ok thanks

4. green26gangstas - October 29, 2007

READ THIS! I saw you on clubpenguin! Or was it an imposter??? Did you ever go on server brumpy??? If you did I saw you! My name is polarkid93 a.k.a your biggest fan. My blog is http://www.green26gangstas.wordpress.com . Please, can we meet sometime???

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