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Heatblast! October 24, 2007

Posted by pukalicous in Uncategorized.

Heatblast was on this morning on mammoth. He has a very cool igloo. The bad thing was he didnt add me. 😦




1. Frazzie - October 25, 2007

cool im his friend now!

2. blueflame25 - October 25, 2007


3. IDontbreak - October 25, 2007

dont be sad puka he has a 85% of 100 he might become ur buddy and other pewnguins hes not my buddy to i dont care im chiwit dudes buddy 🙂

4. Frazzie - October 25, 2007

i thought chewitt was banned

5. mohd 222 (not logged on) - October 26, 2007

he added me ! , just meet him with no crowd and talk to him nicley 😉

6. Frazzie - October 27, 2007

ya thats the secret to adding famous penguins. just talk smooth and calm, and when theirs not in a crowd. like thats how i added snow dobby. actually he asked me so thats not a good example. lets see… well i cant really think of one now but thats how you do it. lol im still trying to get fano. but im getting close!
waddle on!
from the one and only Frazzie

7. pukalicous - October 27, 2007

Frazzie, Im not stupid. I know how. Im older than. Remember that

8. athia4 - October 27, 2007


9. Wind Cyclone - October 29, 2007

Lol I remember back then when you kept saying “PUKALICOUS IS FAMOUS!!!!” 😆

10. Wind Cyclone - October 29, 2007

Not just that on top because somtimes they forget who you are and delete you. I always talk to vampire because I want the original vampire on my buddy list. He’s really funny too 😆

11. Frazzie - October 29, 2007

oh ya and puka i know your not stupid! why would put a comment like that i was talking to mohd.

12. Ratssafwevbn - April 14, 2008

hey mohd222 is there before he was famous

13. Burgers Rule - April 17, 2008

Lol your way is the truth. i added man101 that way.

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