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Breaking News! October 18, 2007

Posted by pukalicous in Uncategorized.

Tomorrow you will get double coins from Puffle Round Up and Ice Fishing!



1. Frazzie - October 18, 2007


2. mohd222 - October 19, 2007

o no frazzie im banned forever , pls help i cant say more!!!!!!!

3. mohd222 - October 19, 2007

also pukalicous help!

4. Frazzie - October 19, 2007

ok mohd just stay calm. email clubpenguin and ask them why you are banned.
make sure to be nice and forgiving, so they wont get mad. after you have found out, just email them and tell them how sorry you are and how you wont do it again. make sure its for a good reason, and be truthful.
from frazzie

5. pukalicous - October 19, 2007

Frazzie first he needs to find out how he was banned!


6. Frazzie - October 19, 2007

puka lol i was just trying to help

~Puka~ I know its just that you were jumping to conclusions! lol

7. luigi54 - October 19, 2007

Hi, nice site


8. mohd222 - October 20, 2007

hey guys thanks so much for helping , im unbanned 😀 , comment on my latest post and ill give u an award for helping 😉
mohd 222

9. idontbreak - October 20, 2007


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