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So Sorry! October 13, 2007

Posted by pukalicous in Uncategorized.

Hello its Pukalicous. Im sorry for not coming to my party. It was my birthday and I didnt have time to go to it because of all my friemds that were over. We were all busy. Again, Im really sorry! Please forgive me! 😦



1. Frazzie - October 13, 2007

its ok i didnt go either cause i was at your birthday party lol!
cya l8tr pukz

2. Frazzie - October 17, 2007

Dear Ye Pukalicous,
My good friend. It is a pleasure and an honor to speak with you. Thy game Ye Olde Clubpenguin is magnificant, and thou penguin is very thoghtful and intriguing. Ye master Billybob must be proud if thy penguin. As thy year being 1638, I shall now be off to the Ye Olde Gift Shoppe. See thou on Clubpenguin!

King Frazznelius the Third(a.k.a= Frazzie)

Lol! Rofl! U gotta admit that was funny puka

3. pukalicous - October 17, 2007

No thy wasnt! It was utterly stupideous! lol jk


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