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Ruler here! October 8, 2007

Posted by rogeh in Uncategorized.

Yo im rulerofgame.And im  now a adimn here on this site.So i will be helping out on this site.

cya round here!,


(that is my signature)



1. Frazzie - October 8, 2007

sup rulerofgame im frazzie on clubpenguin. im one of pukalicous best friends on clubpenguin and at school. he moght add me to the site mod but i dont know yet.
cya round clubpenguin!

Pukalicous: Hey!! You do not copy my signature you wannabe! lol jk! Im kidding. You go ahead and do what ever you want!


2. pukalicous - October 8, 2007

I might Frazzie. It all depends upon your performance on your website to determine If you could work on my site! Keep up the good work!


3. pukalicous - October 8, 2007

Hey Ruler, I will take care of all the new stuff happenin’ on Club Penguin unless I email you ahead of time. If you ever want to do anything, like post a new thing on Club Penguin just send me a request to do so. I want to make everything fair to you by splitting the work evenly. Ok so just tell me anything that you want to do! See ya roun’ Club Penguin!


4. pukalicous - October 8, 2007

Well I guess its ok if we accidentally post something at the same time. If we do, Ill pick the best one out of the two. So you can basically ignore the comment above. See ya roun’ Club Penguin!


5. luigi54 - October 8, 2007

hey puka, I have seen you and CP and want to be your buddy. I’m friends with Frazzie

Pukalicous: Cool. Yea. Frazzie is trying to get famous and he is succeding in doing so. I thought you were already my buddy? Well if your not, Ill see ya roun’ Club Penguin!

6. luigi54 - October 8, 2007


7. vjjason - October 11, 2007

Hey Puka,I Got banned 2day.Dont wry it was forever but i sent a leter to cp.So now im only banned for one day.Cant wait to see u again!!!

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