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New Admin for my site! October 8, 2007

Posted by pukalicous in Uncategorized.

Hello its me Pukalicous just saying that Rulerofgame has offered to be a Mod on my site! He will post stuff just like I do! See ya roun’ Club Penguin!



1. puffer19 - October 8, 2007

can i be an editor???

2. pukalicous - October 8, 2007

Sure! Email me at alan32086@yahoo.com

3. Frazzie - October 8, 2007

pukalicous! why can i be a site mod! im your best friend on clubpenguin
and at school!
( i think )
can i email you then be a site mod plz?!?!

4. papercuter - October 8, 2007

oh k cool

5. rulerofgame - October 8, 2007

thanks dude!

6. rulerofgame - October 8, 2007

ill help out

7. rulerofgame - October 8, 2007

go to dashboard on your site click users and go down and find add new and type my email in and make me a admin.(administrator)

8. pukalicous - October 8, 2007

Ok you should be able to get on my site!

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