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Mystery Box? October 8, 2007

Posted by pukalicous in Uncategorized.

 What lies in this box!?



1. rulerofgame - October 8, 2007

hello again.are we on at same time?also get on mammoth

2. rulerofgame - October 8, 2007

also that is the new way to decorte your penguin……..i dont know what more they can do.Unless it is a decorating game…….

3. pukalicous - October 8, 2007

DO you live on Eastern Time, Ruler?

4. Frazzie - October 8, 2007

pukalicous i wanna be a site mod!
i just wanna be the one who checks all of the comments.
thats all.
thanks pukalicous!
cya at school!

5. rulerofgame - October 8, 2007

yes i live n eastern time.I live in NC.(North Carolina)

6. pukalicous - October 8, 2007

Ok good i live in florida so we are the same time!

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